Relationship Resuscitation: Using Social Media for Service Recovery

Thu, May 21, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


Are you responsible for social media monitoring and service recovery? In this review of real case examples, Amanda Changuris, the Twitter lead and blog co-lead at Highmark, Inc. and member of our External Advisory Board demonstrates how to

  • efficiently monitor social media for service recovery opportunities, whether you work on a team or are the only one handling social media for your organization
  • be prepared to handle common service recovery situations
  • take service recovery one step further to develop a social media-based recognition program designed to surprise and delight key members of your online community

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Hi Pamela! Back in my hospital days I was a social media department of one (less than one if you figure in all of the other hats I wore). I’ve always been a nut for responding quickly — and probably to an unhealthy extent. My husband could tell you stories… and I’m not proud of all of them. That said, my suggestion would be to shoot for that 1-hour response time that many patients/customers say they expect. Use notifications and listening tools to cover as much as you can, and be kind to yourself if/when something slips through the cracks. If you think talking offline to discuss your specific setup would help, let me know. I’m happy to help!


Hi Danielle! Random rants are always a challenge. My inclination is to let them go — no hiding, no deleting, etc. Again, in my experience there are very few people who come to the Facebook pages I’ve managed. The vast majority are interacting with content in their newsfeeds. So there’s a limited number of people who will see the rant, and I tend to trust those who *do* see the rant will give it a little head shake and move on.

Now, if it’s something that could relate to your business — even if it’s a stretch — it may be worth reconsidering. I don’t think every post needs a response, but my tendency is to reply in some fashion if I can make any connection subject-wise. I hope that helps!

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My organization has an existing relationship with Meltwater that is coming to an end. Anyone have experience with Meltwater relative to some of these other paid services?

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Hello Brent—-I’m a few months after the fact, but…)—What services are you using from Meltwater today? We (Dell Services) work with a host of customers who use our Social Media Listening & Insights Services (which would map to what Meltwater Buzz offers). If you want more info, let me know and/or if you are somewhat new to Listening tools and just want some ideas about which are better than others, I will try to help you. Good luck!

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