How to Engage Your Donors Online

Tue, Oct 20, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm CT


For years Mayo Clinic's Department of Development had a robust direct mail program but had not entered online fundraising in a strategic way. Through testing in email and Mayo Clinic’s website, the Annual Giving staff has learned what topics engage Mayo’s supporters and tactics to motivate new and upgraded gifts.

In this webinar, Laura Strand discussed:

  • how the annual giving team set an online fundraising strategy and worked with external vendors
  • testing ideas that were really successful and some ideas that don’t pan out
  • upcoming strategies to reach mid-level supporters and tackle new technologies


In Person

This webinar is free for members of the Social Media Health Network. Registration for non-members is $95.

Questions? Contact:

Questions? For swift response, send email to: socialmediacenter@mayo.edu.

Looking forward to this webinar!

Please chime in with your questions for Laura!

Looking forward to hearing some great ideas ahead of Giving Tuesday in a few weeks. This “holiday” is always a challenge for me, so hoping this webinar will help me generate some new ideas for success this year.

Do you require proof of an opt-in just for the foundation purposes?

For engagement, do you target your current donors or email subscribers as a “custom audience”?

What has worked well on social media? Examples?

Do you use Facebook apps for online giving, or direct people to the website?

What is the ROI of your online donor program?

Do you use custom links to help track donations so you can try to measure the completion rate via social media?

Does development manage the e-news program or do you supply items/content to a larger e-news program run by marketing or some other department?

Do you add a e-solicitation to your direct mail acquisitions?

Thank you both. Great insights and ideas!

Thanks, Lee and Laura!

Would you be able to share the power point presentation you used during this workshop?

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