How Mayo Clinic’s Patient Community Changes Health Care and Advances Science

Thu, Jan 17, 2019
2:00pm to 3:00pm CT


Patient online communities not only reduce isolation and anxiety when faced with a life-changing diagnosis, they can also improve health outcomes. As Community Director of Mayo Clinic Connect, Colleen Young wanted to do more than connect patients. She involved the Mayo Clinic enterprise: providers, managers, communications specialists, researchers, and frontline staff; demonstrating how they can learn from and engage with the patient community to:

  • Improve health care and service delivery
  • Discover champions
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Educate health care providers
  • Co-create patient education
  • Change poor health behaviors
  • Advance science

You’ll learn how you can excite internal stakeholders up, down, and across your organization to recognize the value of the community and understand how they can harness it to help them do their work better. Thriving communities get stuff done.

Link to the presentation slides on SlideShare.

About Colleen Young Young

Colleen Young is the Community Director of Mayo Clinic Connect, a virtual community connecting patients with each other and to Mayo Clinic medical expertise. As an internationally recognized expert in building online patient communities that thrive, she frequently speaks about communicating the experience of illness in the digital age and the social web’s impact on participatory medicine, including at Stanford Medicine X and Mayo's Health Care Summit in Australia #MayoInOz. Colleen is a “tenacious connector of patients."



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How do Facebook communities like Colontown.org and mobile apps like Belong.life compare and contrast?


All I see is people posts on the side bar no talking or pictures Is this the webinar?

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Its black screen just spinning

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Kia ora Dan – loving the Kiwi flag on the wall behind Lee! 🙂

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Hi, David! I was hoping you'd be joining today! I display my NZ flag proudly (and wear my All Blacks gear to the gym!)

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Hi Dan. I'm interested in the premium membership trial – just flagging now for getting in touch later.

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I've upgraded your membership, Louisa. Enjoy your 2-month trial!

Love the idea of explicitly translating patient experience and knowledge into brochures!

Are the patient stories shared with patient safety and clinical staff specifically to create opportunities for positive deviance as an improvement strategy?

@colleenyoung any examples of OPCs influencing new models of care or redesign of Mayo healthcare delivery?

How to you manage patient privacy?

@colleenyoung Does Mayo Clinic Connect exist on a web site? Is that site secure/encrypted? Or are these living on social media? I wondered because you mentioned data security…I manage social and, as you know FB has had some slips with privacy this year.

Are you able to send out the slides? – you covered so much information


Are you able to send out the slides? – you covered so much information

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The archive of this webcast will be online here at the same URL

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