Hospital Sponsored Online Patient Support Groups

Hospital Sponsored Online Patient Support Groups

Tue, Jan 31, 2017
2:00pm to 3:00pm CT


Presented by Ed Bennett, Janet Gripshover, Nurse Practitioner at University of Maryland and Colleen Young, Community Director of Mayo Clinic Connect.

A few years ago, Ed Bennett helped hospitals adopt social media with his Hospital Social Media List. Now he's looking at how hospitals use digital tools for patient support groups (and building a new list!). Janet Gripshover founded one of the first hospital-sponsored, facilitated, online support groups back in 2011. Colleen Young manages Connect, Mayo's open patient-to-patient online community, also established in 2011.

Learn more about:

  • What is a hospital sponsored patient support group
  • The platforms hospitals use to host their support groups
  • Open, semi-open and closed groups
  • Examples of robust, successful groups drawn from his list
  • A look at the next generation of platforms
  • The decision on closed vs open access
  • The onboarding process for new members
  • What a typical week is like for a group manager
  • Challenges and success stories


In Person

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@michellehp we report patient outcomes through qualitative research projects, and storytelling in addition to our quantitative data collection that drive strategic community management.

Colleen, thank you. Do you have a medical board behind that supports you?

Janet, how much time do you spend moderating/checking on conversations?

Talking about an NGO of patients…
Do you suggest a FB page for the NGO and a FB group for the patients? Or all in one?

Colleen, On what criteria a moderator is selected?

@ferarceamare I have all of Mayo Clinic supporting what we do on Connect 🙂

Ed, I would like to read they study, please.

Great webinar thanks – unfortunately i lost you Ed in your summing up. I am very interested in the article you mentioned thanks – David

Groups on Connect are very broad, purposefully. Let the members decided what they want to talk about. As a topic reaches critical mass, we consider opening a group specific to that topic. To open a new group these criteria must be met:

1. Demonstrated activity; active threads with multiple posts
2. Committed patient mentors and core members
3. Involved/committed internal Mayo participants

I have to check out… with the recording of this remain on the site to view later?

Thanks presenters, and Q askers. Ed, would love to see that research! Thanks!

See you next month MCSMN!

Thanks everyone. Very timely discussion!

Thanks for an informative webinar!

Great webinar. Thanks Ed, Colleen and Janet!

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