In this webinar, Dan Hinmon discussed how to market wellness to patient groups using persuasive content. He also talked about how a huge part of health care has changed from reaction to pro-action. These days, caregivers proactively prevent disease by wise management of and participation in [...]
By SMHNadmin • August 5, 2013
In this webinar, Iana Simenov discussed how smartphones change health care. She also talked about how “mHealth,” the buzzword for mobile health care, isn’t just about apps. It means better health for millions of people worldwide. It means much stronger patient relationships with care providers.    
By SMHNadmin • July 29, 2013
Simon Lee and Jon Davis, founded MD2P.net, a health-literacy service that provides customized patient education content, using proprietary technology to deliver information to patients. During this webinar entitled, “How to Use Social Media to Recruit Patients and Advocates Locally,” Simon explained the critical importance of connecting to patients, families, and [...]
By SMHNadmin • January 23, 2013
This webinar entitled, “How to Handle Social Media When it Gets Messy,” was presented by Amanda Changuris. Amanda is a marketing and communications specialist at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Maryland, where she leads social media and video production. During this webinar, Amanda analyzed sticky social [...]
By SMHNadmin • December 20, 2012
In this webinar entitled, “How Your Hospital Can Make Itself a Trusted Neighbor on Pinterest,” Ashley Howland, social media manager for Baylor Health Care System, discussed how she helped lead an internal effort to unblock access to social media websites within her organization. Ashley also explained how Baylor became one of [...]
By SMHNadmin • December 3, 2012