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November 1, 2018

The MacGyver Method for Social Media Video | Part 2: Quality Tips

By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist toffenbacher

In Part 2 of the MacGyver Method for Social Media Video, we’ll discuss tips and tools to improve video quality. If you missed yesterday’s post on platform optimization, check it out. This series is named for MacGyver, a character of persistence and improvision–of which social media managers are well adept. To simplify, let’s assume there […]

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July 12, 2018

A YouTube Mystery, a Thumbnail Hypothesis, and a Medical Illustration Experiment

By MakalaArce MakalaArce

Mayo Clinic has uploaded more than 9,000 YouTube videos to its YouTube channel since its establishment in 2008. Despite new high-quality and timely videos regularly being uploaded, the video receiving the most views in a given week has lately been “New Route to the Heart – Mayo Clinic,” a video that was uploaded in 2012. […]

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Tags: medical illustration, metrics, research, study, thumbnail, video, viewership, YouTube

June 7, 2018

The Revolutionary Impact of Consumer-Grade Video

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network LeeAase

In this series I’ve identified several inflection points in our adoption of social media at Mayo Clinic, including our first podcast, creating our Facebook page, easing into Twitter and getting started with blogging. All of these were important steps, but none had greater impact than Mayo’s (eventual) embrace of consumer-grade video. In keeping with its diagnostic, […]

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May 9, 2018

3 Tips For Increasing Engagement with Facebook

By Kristine (KS) Austin ksaustin

I’ve got a bone to pick with Facebook. Listen, Zuck, you want to push for-profit brands to advertise in order to increase their visibility on the platform? Fine. You need to make money, I get it. But forcing nonprofits to advertise their Pages in order to attract donors? Do you see the problem here? I […]

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Tags: content marketing, Facebook, staff engagement, video

March 30, 2018

How We Published 31 Videos in 31 Days: Behind the Scenes of the Colorectal Cancer Expert Series

By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist toffenbacher

This March, Mayo Clinic launched the Colorectal Cancer Expert Q&A Series—a daily video answering one colorectal cancer question. This idea (like many great ideas) started as a casual discussion carefully recorded on a napkin. The request seemed simple: release 31, :31-second videos, one to correspond with each day in March, discussing basic colorectal cancer facts. […]

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February 28, 2018

How to Add Visual Appeal to Your Social Media Campaign

By Marie Ennis-O'Connor MarieEnnisOConnor

In my webinar, How to Create an Awareness Campaign with Social Media, I outlined a step-by-step plan to create an awareness campaign from setting campaign objectives right through to measuring a campaign’s impact.  In previous posts, I shared a process for conducting a social media audit, advice on getting to know your audience better,  and […]

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January 16, 2018

6 YouTube SEO Best Practices You Must Start

By Sara Flick sflick

Providing relevant content to prospective patients and other stakeholders is an important part of any health care brand’s communication strategy. YouTube, the second largest search engine beyond only Google, is an important and often underutilized channel for reaching prospective customers and stakeholders. Many factors determine a YouTube video’s ranking within both the YouTube search as […]

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