patient advocacy

Caregiving arrived without fanfare on her birthday–a June day in 2002–when my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was in one of the small consultation rooms that I first heard the word ‘caregiver’ as my wife lay in a coma in the ICU, while I vacillated between being [...]
By Scott, Volunteer Mentor • June 1, 2018
Mayo Clinic's social media advocacy platforms obviously are good for increasing Mayo's visibility online. But what's in it for you as a user? If you're a Mayo booster—whether as a grateful patient or a member of the professional or allied health staff—supporting Mayo Clinic in [...]
By Lee Aase • May 31, 2018
Through Mayo Clinic's new social media advocacy program we make it easy for both patients and staff to share helpful news and interesting stories related to Mayo Clinic with their online connections. In the Champions Newsfeed that is part of the Mayo Clinic [...]
By Lee Aase • May 24, 2018
It's not news to anyone working professionally in social media that organic reach for brands has been declining for several years. Whereas previously a large percentage of Facebook or Twitter followers would see any particular post on a brand page or account, today that reach has declined to something in [...]
By Lee Aase • May 22, 2018
Ever since I was a young girl I knew I wanted to be an Early Childhood Special Education teacher. My self-identity was being a teacher and my purpose was teaching. My life was going as planned—until it wasn’t. Joint pain and dislocations became more frequent, I worked fewer [...]
By Shani Weber • May 18, 2018
My health journey began a dozen years ago, with a spiral that left me feeling I was slowly dying despite the involvement of 20 doctors across two of my hometown medical centers. My ever-growing list of symptoms included constant weight gain, body aches and pains, unexplained profuse sweating, [...]
By Kelly, Alumna Mentor • May 4, 2018