Rob Zanin began his work at WellStar Health System in Atlanta in 2007, and since that time he has risen to act as the director of digital strategy and brand experience, a role he has filled for the past six years. When By Ethan McConkey, Moderator • January 24, 2020

You may have noticed bronze, silver, and gold badges appearing below the names of some MCSMN members when they post comments in discussions, News You Can Use, webinars, and blog posts. If you did, being the curious person you are, you probably wondered, “What are those round thingies for?” [...]
By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • March 21, 2019
Last week the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Residency and Annual Conference was held 11/13-11/15. I am pulling Twitter metrics of the #MCSMN hashtag including one day before and one day after. As a reminder, if you register your health care event hashtag on Symplur in advance, you are [...]
By MakalaArce • November 21, 2018
Today was the first day of our Annual Conference. 2 keynote and 4 breakout sessions occurred for a day filled with great content and opportunities to learn. Below are some key takeaways from the various sessions. You can view more insights from the day (and join in tomorrow!) on Twitter [...]
By Margaret Shepard • November 14, 2018
Why does the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network exist? The short answer is that it is consistent with Mayo Clinic's organizational DNA and its values. The long answer is to read this entire series. The in-between answer is in the distilled [...]
By Lee Aase • July 17, 2018
Share your most exciting, innovative and successful programs, campaigns, and best practices at the 2018 Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Annual Conference. The conference will be held November 14 and 15, 2018, in Jacksonville, Florida. We invite submissions for:
  • Keynote speakers
  • Case study presentations
  • Hands-on [...]
By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • January 23, 2018

For years, I’ve had the opportunity to work to leverage social media to discuss the power of discovery. These platforms allow us to connect and engage with others in new and exciting ways.

But as a digital practitioner, I’ve always felt like my work [...]

By Amanda O'Connor • August 21, 2017