That's the innovation philosophy I learned from one of my early mentors at Mayo Clinic, a former administrator for Cardiovascular Surgery. And it's a major reason why we were able to get an early start in so-called "New Media" and then move relatively quickly into social media. [...]
By Lee Aase • February 7, 2018
In the first half of this series, we examined the organizational DNA of Mayo Clinic as the combination of fundamental "base pairs" — Teamwork, Altruism, Progress and Stewardship — that were characteristic of our founders. We've seen how these base pairs were expressed [...]
By Lee Aase • February 1, 2018
Communication via the massive reader, listener, and viewer networks provided through mass media has been second only to Word of Mouth in establishing and enhancing Mayo Clinic's reputation among patients and potential patients. And of course, Mass Media stories have also fueled Word of Mouth, as consumers discuss [...]
By Lee Aase • January 12, 2018
Networked Communication is one major strand in the double helix of Mayo Clinic's cultural DNA, paired with Mayo's Revolutionary Patient-Centered Organization. Last time we looked at the role of professional networking in Mayo Clinic's origins, growth, and development. In these next two posts [...]
By Lee Aase • January 3, 2018
Networked Communication is one of two strands in the double helix that is Mayo Clinic's cultural DNA. In last week's post in this series I examined how internal communication networks at Mayo Clinic have been essential to its scaling to the 64,000-employee organization [...]
By Lee Aase • December 4, 2017
The #MayoClinicDNA metaphor of Mayo Clinic's essence includes the "base pair" building blocks of Teamwork, Altruism, Progress, and Stewardship (TAPS) that form two unifying strands. Last week we examined the first of those strands, the revolutionary patient-centered organization. Today we'll start unwinding [...]
By Lee Aase • November 30, 2017
As I discussed in a previous post, Mayo Clinic’s organizational DNA has two interdependent strands, Revolutionary Organization and Networked Communications, connecting the base pairs of Teamwork, Altruism, Progress, and Stewardship. In future posts, we’ll discuss how Networked Communications were integral to both the functioning of [...]
By Lee Aase • November 22, 2017