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I was diagnosed with lymphedema last year, while undergoing treatment for pain and swelling issues with my right ankle, knee, and leg. After going over the examination and test results, the doctor asked me about my sleep quality and habits. I didn’t think much about it at the time—I was [...]

By John, Volunteer Mentor • June 21, 2019
Nearly nine days in spring 2016 are missing from Muriel Hachfeld’s memory. It’s the period of time she spent in the ICU at Mayo Clinic Hospital [...]
By Robin Huiras-Carlson • September 27, 2017
“I can’t wait to tell my patients about this. Have you got any brochures? How can I get involved?” This is what we heard from Mayo Clinic physicians and staff as we told them about Mayo Clinic Connect, our [...]
By Colleen Young, Connect Director • January 3, 2017