Makala Arce

Facebook recently replaced its Targeting feature with Preferred Audience, while Gating was replaced with Audience Restrictions. These options were, and continue to be, free to implement on organic page posts. While the difference may seem subtle, the ramifications are significant. Here's what you need to know about the change from Targeting [...]
By MakalaArce • October 26, 2017
About a month ago I set out to share some insights from our Q1 metrics with the following blogposts: This final [...]
By MakalaArce • July 5, 2017
Examining referral traffic metrics can be greatly beneficial if you use them to review and adjust your activities. In a word, they need to be actionable. And to adjust effectively, you first need a clear understanding of your strategy and objectives. One of our key objectives is to increase [...]
By MakalaArce • June 9, 2017
Often times Facebook likes, comments, and shares are given more weight than click-throughs when determining a post’s success or lack thereof. For those using a social media management system or specific analytics software, engagements are sometimes even explicitly defined as merely: likes + comments + shares. Unfortunately, in those cases, [...]
By MakalaArce • June 2, 2017
The idea for this blogpost came from Kevin Fonger’s comment on my recent blogpost, How often should we post on Facebook? He asked whether we had measured which post types performed best during our limited Facebook study. We actually measure post type metrics on a quarterly basis [...]
By MakalaArce • May 3, 2017