Often times Facebook likes, comments, and shares are given more weight than click-throughs when determining a post’s success or lack thereof. For those using a social media management system or specific analytics software, engagements are sometimes even explicitly defined as merely: likes + comments + shares. Unfortunately, in those cases, [...]
By MakalaArce • June 2, 2017
The idea for this blogpost came from Kevin Fonger’s comment on my recent blogpost, How often should we post on Facebook? He asked whether we had measured which post types performed best during our limited Facebook study. We actually measure post type metrics on a quarterly basis [...]
By MakalaArce • May 3, 2017
Whether an organization posts to its Facebook page once per month or once per hour, that post frequency will affect subsequent account engagement or lack thereof. What's the "right" frequency? It might be higher than you think. A subset of our Social and Digital Innovation team set up [...]
By MakalaArce • April 13, 2017
On July 26, 2016, we hosted a webinar with Dr. Joseph Dearani, chair of the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery at Mayo Clinic, and a patient, Cynthia Burstein Waldman. Although our webinars are generally limited to premium members, we open three webinars each year to basic members and the public as [...]
By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • April 10, 2017

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A recent Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) discussion about responding to [...]

By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • February 2, 2017
Halloween this year will be the 500th anniversary of an important day in social networking and viral communications history. A week later, we’ll celebrate a less momentous milestone in Mayo Clinic’s social media history. On Oct. 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Disputation on the Power [...]
By Lee Aase • January 17, 2017

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A recent MCSMN discussion about night and weekend coverage generated other ideas about consolidating Facebook [...]

By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • December 29, 2016