Colleen Young

We're pleased to kick off our 2017 Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) webinar series on Jan. 31 with a look at hospital-sponsored online support groups for patients. We're also making it one of this year's FREE webinars. More details on that in bit. We have an outstanding lineup of [...]
By Lee Aase • January 19, 2017
Early Bird registration is now open for Mayo Clinic's Second International Healthcare and Social Media Summit, which we're holding Nov. 15-16 in Melbourne, Australia. The planning committee, led by Lisa Ramshaw, has a great program in the works. [...]
By Lee Aase • July 26, 2016
“Well it’s discouraging to find that after three months and 126 views of my post, not a single person made the effort to write a single supportive word.” ~ from a member of an online cancer community What a heart-wrenching post to see on an online patient forum! Nothing [...]
By Colleen Young, Connect Director • April 27, 2016
“I am the fastest man alive … An accident made me the impossible,” says Barry Allen in the opening of The CW’s TV series, “The Flash.” Superhero Jessica Jones, now a Netflix sensation, gained flight and unearthly strength after an accident with chemicals. My mishap with synthetic [...]
By Ron Petrovich • March 23, 2016