case study

A few weekends ago I was on comment monitoring duty for Mayo Clinic and started to see displeased tweets rolling in about a research study. Someone tweeted the following concern to about 18,000 Twitter followers: That tweet resonated with people, evidenced by 180 retweets and 147 likes. [...]
By MakalaArce • September 20, 2017
Two years ago, my job didn’t exist. Neither did my team. Nor, for that matter, did my entire department – at least as it exists today That’s because two years ago, OSF HealthCare underwent a major transformation. Instead of 15+ marketing and communication teams spread across the system, we [...]
By Katie Whitt • August 10, 2017
We take the term “newsroom” quite literally at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, Texas. Every morning at 9:15, our small PR group of four gathers in a tight conference room to discuss what we will be covering for that day. Just like newsrooms all across [...]
By Jeff Calaway • August 2, 2017
Have you ever made a mistake at work? One that made you look foolish in front of your boss or client? Maybe you hurt someone’s feelings – a dismissive comment or premature judgment. In the Spring of 2013, my team made a [...]
By Jess Columbo • July 26, 2017
Social media still has a “wild west” feel to it sometimes. Wired’s Steve Levy recently described it this way: “First, the thrilling feeling of possibilities — anything goes, and that means even the most febrile imagination cannot envision the opportunities in this virgin turf. (Second is) a scarier feeling [...]
By Carol Vassar • July 19, 2017