Social Media Toolkit for Researchers

Mayo Clinic encourages staff social media involvement and provides training and resources to help you use them safely and effectively with confidence.

Research Social Media Guidelines

  1. All methods of research recruitment (including personal social media) must receive IRB approval.
  2. If Mayo Clinic shares a post on social media, recruiting for research, then the post has been approved by the IRB. You can (and should) share Mayo Clinic’s post on your personal social media accounts. By doing this, you are amplifying Mayo Clinic’s post and extending the reach of the post. Sharing Mayo Clinic’s post does not make the post your own.


Research Social Media FAQs

  1. May I use social media for research recruitment? With IRB approval, you may be permitted to use social media for recruitment purposes. For more information about using social media for research recruitment, please contact Leslie Jordan.
  2. May I use my personal social media account for research recruitment? Yes, but only if the study has received IRB approval to use social media for recruitment. Ideally, we would first share the social media message from an appropriate Mayo Clinic account, and then you would be able to re-share it from your professional/personal account. Any individual listed on the IRB protocol is allowed to re-share the social media recruitment messages from a professional/personal social media account, but it is important for the study team member to re-share it as is and not alter the message or content in any way. If changes are required, they would need additional IRB review and approval.


Social Media Guidelines for Mayo Clinic Employees These guidelines apply whether employees and students are posting to their own sites or commenting on other sites.

Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) Create your free account using your email address. 

Social Media Basics for Healthcare Certificate from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite Accessible via MCSMN (must be logged in with your email address).

Physician Reputation Management through Doximity If you're a physician and even if you have no interest in engaging on Doximity, taking 30 minutes to claim and complete your profile is a great investment. It's a high-impact, low-effort way to help influence your online reputation. These slides from Farris Timimi, M.D., take you through the process in 12 easy steps.

Quick Things You Can Do to Stay Active on Your Personal Social Media Accounts Using social media effectively can help you establish yourself as a thought leader while also promoting your organization.