Social Media Fellows Program

Completed a Social Media Residency? If so, you’re invited to become a Social Media Fellow. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Fellows achieve each status by demonstrating expert ability to apply social networking tools.

We provide guidelines, a rigorous review of submissions, and recommendations for revision as needed. Upon approval, you receive a certificate and an upgraded MCSMN badge. Note: Platinum Fellows are nominated by MCSMN leadership.

To become a Bronze Fellow, use this worksheet to develop a strategic plan and use this template to submit your plan for review.
Examples of Bronze Fellow Projects: J. Sexton.June 2015; K.Jacobson.September 2015; S. Hemingsen.October 2015


To become a Silver Fellow, implement the strategic plan you prepared for your Bronze Fellow designation, and produce a mini-white paper following these guidelines.
Example of Silver Fellow Project: L.Ramshaw.November 2015


To become a Gold Fellow, present results of your efforts following these guidelines.
Example of Gold Fellow Project: L.Ramshaw.November 2015


Send all inquiries, plans, and supporting documentation to: