Silver Fellow Guidelines

You've created a plan to achieve your Bronze Fellow status, now it’s time to put it into action for at least six and preferably nine months before sharing your results in a report.

Think of your report as a mini-white paper – longer and in more depth than a blog post, but less lengthy than a full white paper. Tone should be informative and conversational, without industry jargon.

Please follow these guidelines and submit your completed mini-white paper for review to: [Note: Silver Fellow status is also contingent upon actively participating in MCSMN community discussions for at least six and preferably nine months.]

Length: 750-1,200 words as a Word document. Feel free to use bullet points and brief narrative.

Format: Include these elements:

  • Title: Reporting on the Social Media Strategic Plan for [your organization, location]
  • Project Overview: describe audience you hoped to reach and goals you hoped to achieve. Include your qualifications for creating and implementing the strategic plan
  • Background: describe challenges/problems/impediments you needed to address
  • Strategic Plan: highlight your plan’s tools (i.e., which social networking platforms) and tactics (i.e., when and how you deployed those tools)
  • Results: what happened as you implemented your plan, including commentary about timeframes, resources, and whatever else you used
  • Observations: your best guess as to what worked and what didn’t; what could have worked better
  • Summary: lessons learned and offer best counsel to readers

Note: If you include images/charts/tables to illustrate key points, remember to add captions.