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Go Beyond View Count with YouTube Analytics

When I publish a video on our Mayo Clinic YouTube channel, I’m often asked a few months later for an update on “how the video is doing.” Usually the client wants to know how many people have watched the video. If the number of views is high, the video must… [...]


Twitter hashtag misuse

Lately, we've seen tweets from adult oriented accounts randomly using #shriners in posts, along with random medical terms of conditions we treat. The posts don't make sense and certainly have nothing to do with our organization (fraternity and hospital system). There are quite a few of these accounts [...]


Mayo Clinic CEO to Discuss US News Rankings on HealthBlawg Blab Friday

Mayo Clinic President and CEO John Noseworthy, M.D. will participate in a live, interactive video broadcast tomorrow morning, discussing this week's announcement of Mayo Clinic receiving the #1 ranking for 2016-17 in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Honor Roll, as well as related topics. The discussion, hosted by David… [...]


Why Don't My YouTube Playlist Metrics Match My Video Metrics?

You’ve added up all of the individual views for all of your videos and then saw that this number is way larger than the number given to you by YouTube for the views of your playlist (that includes all of these videos). Why? There are three reasons why: Playlist stats… [...]


In the Footsteps of Dr. Will

When members of our Center for Social Media team travel to Australia for next week's International Healthcare and Social Media Summit in Brisbane, a.k.a. #MayoInOz, we'll be emulating our Mayo Clinic founders in their commitment to global outreach and networking. And we'll be (almost) literally walking in the footsteps of Dr. William… [...]


Ending Twitter Impersonation

It may be true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  But it doesn't feel that way when it happens on Twitter. During a recent Twitter brown bag with some of my Mayo Clinic cardiology colleagues, we asked for a volunteer to create a Twitter account while the rest… [...]


Twitter Measurement via TweetReach Report

TW 115 walks through Twitter measurement via a TweetReach report, making the key distinction between the reach and exposure numbers. This course also walks through the other data and metrics pulled and incorporated in a TweetReach report. This course is part of Social Media Residency, a project of the Mayo Clinic… [...]


Viewpoint: 6 Trends Toward Higher Cost, Worse Health, Less Access

Editor's Note: Moving right along with our series of viewpoints and predictions from thought leaders, here's one from Platinum Fellow Matt Katz, M.D. (@subatomicdoc).  When I contacted him via DM (direct message) on Twitter about the somewhat dismal nature of his observations, Matt reminded me, "Correlation isn't causation so we can… [...]


Hashtag Reports Review: Tweetwall, Symplur and TweetReach

After this week's Social Media Summit, we decided to compare Tweetwall, Symplur, and TweetReach reports for the #MCCSM hashtag relative to accessibility, foci, and data. Accessibility for reports varies greatly among platforms. Tweetwall only allows individual widget exports and Excel downloads. Symplur offers a full transcript and analytics breakdown, neither of which is easily exported. For example,… [...]


Six Ways Social Media Affects Your Clinical Trial

Here, I'm sharing my post that appeared on Rare Disease Report because it's not only relevant to the rare disease community and pharmaceutical company sponsors, but also to hospitals and health care providers involved with these clinical trials. As rare and undiagnosed diseases continue to be a focus of innovative medical research (such… [...]


The Evolving Nature of Medical Professionalism

Editor’s Note: Matt Katz, M.D., is a member of the External Advisory Board for the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. Can doctors and other healthcare professionals adapt to connected world around them?   If we look at other periods of dramatic change, medicine has thrived. Let’s step back 160 years to… [...]


Medicine 2.0 is in the Dark Ages

Editor’s Note: Matt Katz, M.D., is a member of the External Advisory Board for the Mayo Clinic center for Social Media. Medicine 2.0 may have a catchy jingle, it's simply wrong.  Medicine has ancient roots.  If we are going to really look at how to evolve healthcare, we should look beyond… [...]