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Jan 24, 2018 · Digital Writing Training Resources in Give & Get Advice

Hi Jennifer,
About four years ago I attended the Nielsen Norman Group course “Writing for the Web” and it was a fantastic. They presented evidence for the techniques suggested in the training and that ballast really helped drive adoption by the scientists who I was asking to write blog posts. Not sure how much has changed in the intervening years but here’s the link: https://www.nngroup.com/courses/writing/.

Nov 6, 2016 · Fat Shaming at Obesity Week 2016 in Share

Hi Susan, I think what Dr. Fung did with that Tweet was shameful. But it’s not surprising. Dr. Fung is a bit of a scientific salmon – swimming up stream against nutrition research on “calories in, calories out” as the basis for obesity, trying to promote what he believes works for patients. I think his bitterness is in keeping with the persona he’s created, that of a maverick/independent thinker/knight in shining armor for patients. Dr. Fung thinks these two speakers are not only hurting their own health, but keeping patients sick and disabled through their advice as well. When I looked at his website (“Here’s $5 Kevin Hall, go buy a clue”) he responded to a woman who called out his “hateful comments” by basically saying, why shouldn’t I be angry on behalf of the “…two people I saw today who had their feet chopped off…” In the comments, some of his patients stepped in to defend him while some said he went too far. But when a person crosses from scientific inquiry into passionate belief and righteous indignation they no longer want to merely win the argument, they want the other side to be humiliated. It’s really too bad because there needs to be a more diverse discussion about diabetes treatment. All this type of speech does is make the scientific tribes bunch up and defend their territory. I think the tweet did what Dr. Fung wanted it to do – drove a lot of us to his website to read his beliefs. If you can’t get a keynote I guess it’s the next best thing…
Best, Sara

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