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Wed, Oct 30 9:03am · New #MCSMN Bronze Fellow: Olga Schibli

Congratulations, @olgaschibli! It was good to see you again in Rochester.

Mon, Jul 29 10:45am · Vendors for website construction and design in Give & Get Advice

I don't have an agency suggestion, but I've worked with a number of CMS solutions.

We are on the Ingeniux CMS at the KU School of Medicine/KU Medical Center, but our internal web devs have done the work setting it up with assistance from the Ingeniux team. I use it daily to create and update sites. Their site is https://www.ingeniux.com/products/cms.

I've worked with WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, and some others. They all have positives and negatives.

I see a lot of small hospitals on WordPress still, which can be secure with various add-ons and auto-updaters and such. But I do recommend having someone full-time (internal or external) that makes sure it's up to date and that updates aren't breaking functionality.

I use SquareSpace a lot when creating sites for teams of one, as it offers a lot for a flat price and it's nearly as easy to update as a word document. Drag and drop with easily customizable CSS. I can train it in a few hours. You can also hire developers to customize all aspects of it, so you don't necessarily have to be hamstrung by predefined options or plugins. Some of them offer ongoing support and they are all listed on Squarespace's site. https://www.squarespace.com/designer/home/

Wed, May 29 2:32pm · Social Media monitoring - personal device? in Give & Get Advice

Note: when using the Chrome>Inspect option to set the display of Instagram to mobile, you can post, but we've had some mixed results with hashtags. You can, of course, post a hashtag, but our tagged posts don't show in that hashtags feed. Haven't figured that one out.

Wed, May 29 12:30pm · Social Media monitoring - personal device? in Give & Get Advice

I use my own iPhone and my company does not provide a device. While there are some tricks to posting to Instagram from desktop, it's a lot more reliable from mobile, and I like instant access to messages and comments from the various accounts. I do 90% of our overall social media posts with desktop, but I do monitor the accounts quite a bit on mobile, and try to check important posts in both places.

For a while, I was using two different twitter apps for personal vs professional, and that was a great way to prevent issues, but with continuing changes to the API I've had to abandon Tweetbot (and others) in favor of Twitter's own app (which of course was their plan).

Mon, Apr 8 8:56am · Classes and Events Software in Platforms, Software, and Tools

At KU Medical Center we are now using EEDS for CME/CE tracking and event registration. I come at it from an events promotion point of view, but the education groups liked this better than several other offerings. http://eeds.com/cloud-based-tracker-for-cme/healthcare-professionals

Nov 15, 2018 · Social Media Process/ Request/ Work Flow in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

How much detail is included in the calendars for approval? Are you including the full post, or just a brief description?

Aug 1, 2018

That sounds like a lot of fun! Now they can also target users needing singing lessons. Brilliant!

Jul 30, 2018 · Social media classes and certifications? in Give & Get Advice

Unfortunately, the Wichita Public Library does not participate, but we found that a town 30 minutes away does (Newton) and will let Wichita residents get a card. Thanks! A previous employer had a site license for Lynda and it was always helpful. Great free resource!