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Thu, Apr 2 8:47am · How has your social media calendar changed with COVID-19? in Give & Get Advice

Is the calendar out the window or is it all COVID-19 topics?

With all of our events and travel pushed back to tentative future dates or outright canceled (most of them), uncertainty about office availability, and both holidays and national health recognition days being suddenly very different experiences, it's very diffcult to plan past today.

The exception has been Telehealth which is is very busy with Project ECHO sessions and educational webinars, but many programs for other groups are simply offline with no clarity around when they come back.

Thu, Apr 2 8:31am · Is your healthcare marketing department working from home? in Give & Get Advice

It has been eye-opening. Multiple campuses all working from home. We're doing a lot of email/skype chat/Zoom meetings. I'm most excited to see people being forced to go paperless. We really didn't need to be printing the meeting to take notes, transcribing the notes back to digital, sharing the notes in an email, that other people again print.

The biggest challenge has been keeping busy despite all of our events being canceled (so no planning and marketing of those). Once we take out the events and projects dependant on travel there's not a lot left. But it's a great opportunity to get caught up on administrative tasks.

Thu, Mar 12 3:05pm · State of Social in Healthcare: Trends Shaping 2020 & Creative Use Cases to Drive Brand Love

I would love more information about healthcare use of TikTok — the webinar mentions nurse influencers and I'd like to get some examples.

Tue, Mar 10 8:30am

Thanks, Dan. I'm going to start referring to Botnet responses in my performance review.

Wed, Feb 26 9:00am · Facebook Scheduling Issues in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Just adding to this to note that you can also schedule posts in the Publishing Tools interface if you prefer it over Creator Studio.

Thu, Feb 20 11:03am · FB/Insta ads promoting blog email signup in Give & Get Advice

I think you can sell the many benefits of blog subscription while tossing in a "*get a free ebook of our favorite recipes!" without the message getting away from you. I haven't done this recently, but a similar promotion (for a non-healthcare business) offered a PDF of Christmas projects (for a crafting org) while also promoting the benefits of membership in the organization. This worked well for us at the time because it wasn't just a benefit for new people — the existing members also received the promotion and talked about what they liked in our social media posts. This added word-of-mouth to the promotion and ultimately did the heavy lifting. I don't know if that could work in your case, but engaging your existing fans in social is going to help.

Oct 30, 2019 · New #MCSMN Bronze Fellow: Olga Schibli

Congratulations, @olgaschibli! It was good to see you again in Rochester.

Jul 29, 2019 · Vendors for website construction and design in Give & Get Advice

I don't have an agency suggestion, but I've worked with a number of CMS solutions.

We are on the Ingeniux CMS at the KU School of Medicine/KU Medical Center, but our internal web devs have done the work setting it up with assistance from the Ingeniux team. I use it daily to create and update sites. Their site is https://www.ingeniux.com/products/cms.

I've worked with WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, and some others. They all have positives and negatives.

I see a lot of small hospitals on WordPress still, which can be secure with various add-ons and auto-updaters and such. But I do recommend having someone full-time (internal or external) that makes sure it's up to date and that updates aren't breaking functionality.

I use SquareSpace a lot when creating sites for teams of one, as it offers a lot for a flat price and it's nearly as easy to update as a word document. Drag and drop with easily customizable CSS. I can train it in a few hours. You can also hire developers to customize all aspects of it, so you don't necessarily have to be hamstrung by predefined options or plugins. Some of them offer ongoing support and they are all listed on Squarespace's site. https://www.squarespace.com/designer/home/