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2 days ago · Social Media Policy - Photography in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

You know, I have a deep respect for plastic surgeons. They are kind of a special breed – they have meticulous technical skill and they also tend to be highly creative. In addition, They are often dealing with very sensitive issues surrounding body image etc.

If the purpose of their social media activity is to generate more business ( which by the way, I think is fine) then after you get the photo thing nailed, and after you ensure their website/landing page is both highly functional and attractive, since trust is such a huge issue in this area of medicine, perhaps they are the perfect group to experiment with video:day in the life stuff etc. I am not talking about "talking head" videos here – I kind of hate those. But instead, videos that show who these folks are, why they are attracted to plastic surgery, what are there other hobbies, their inspiration, etc. Create some core video content around these topics, then use Instagram to supplement that , and a great landing page, and you may have something super.

it reminds me of something @FarrisTimimi said when I asked him why he will occasionally tweet personal information about himself. I will paraphrase him here ( and Farris please feel free if I am misquoting you!) but he said he wanted to give his patients/followers a fuller picture of who he was as a human – not a bad idea for a transplant cardiologist! (In fact, although I mostly tweet about AI/Social Media type stuff, he is the reason I feel comfortable tweeting occasional photos of my kitten!)

3 days ago · The Message Comes First: Powerful, Impactful Campaigns

Looks like a good one! My word for message is mission.

Regarding the need to keep marketing and medical on the same page: here’s a quick rule of thumb: Does everyone know the three most important health measurables for the organization?

Usually, in well run orgs, there is a prioritized list of the most important health measurables which need to be tackled. These usually have both significant health and financially benefits to the org.

For example, one year, the percentage of diabetics getting screening eye exams by ophthalmology was one of the most important metrics for my organization, not just because of the blindness prevention aspect in diabetics, but because of an array of insurance contract milestones with huge financial benefits.

Who has this list and knows the status of progress? Usually it’s two people, the Chief Medical Officer and the COO.

3 days ago · Monitoring Comments on Social in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Very nice decision tree. I would add one other. Is the comment libel?

I think if an employee is a subject of libel, then both the employee and legal should be informed, especially since the comment is being published on the employer’s digital platform.

4 days ago · Social Media Policy - Photography in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Matts release looks very good.

See below for a link to an article from The American Journal of Bioethics: "The Ethics of Advertising for Health Care Services" which reviews some of the ethical concerns surrounding healthcare advertising. For example, I don't think the ethics of before and after photos has been fully fleshed out in terms of benefits and risks.

The one fun tidbit in the article—from the 1847 Code of Ethics from the AMA: “It is derogatory to the dignity of the profession to resort to public advertisements or private cards of handbills inviting the attention of individuals affected with a particular disease,”


Sat, Jan 11 8:08pm · Twitter is Depreciating its "Audience Insight" Page Jan 30 in Share

January 30th Twitter is removing its very nice little audience insights tool, and I can't find much talk about replacements. Just this:


Any thoughts on replacement?

Fri, Jan 10 1:24pm · Upcoming Hootsuite Seminar Wed Jan 22 in Give & Get Advice

Here’s a heads up on an upcoming free Hootsuite Seminar on Wednesday, January 22.

The Future of Customer Engagement: Digital Summit


I find these periodic seminars from Hootsuite to be full of great content, and I have never found them to be a sales platform for Hootsuite or a chance to up-sell.

I believe if you register you can also get a future recording of the seminar. It might also be useful for a social media team to partly watch together. ? Pizza Party?

Fri, Jan 10 1:02pm · Best Conferences for Social in Healthcare in Give & Get Advice

The Mayo Clinic conference is exceptionally good, not just because of the content, but because can personally connect with nearly every speaker you want to, however, it is a little far out time-wise.

One of the best conferences i attend every other year is from the Digital summit series. I go to the Seattle one, but they have ones in NYC and Philidelphia. Heres the link to the NYC one here: https://nyc.digitalsummit.com/?_ga=2.123344587.1793173743.1578682107-117498770.1546560919

Although it isn't specific to Healthcare, I would say at least 70% of the talks are directly applicable. Also, for innovation within healthcare, I think it is essential to get out of the healthcare bubble periodically.

For example, at the last digital summit conference I attended, one of the speakers was a top editor from the Washington Post, talking about how they are now approaching the concept of story digitally, and I learned a lot of that could be applied to healthcare ( recall that since Jeff Bezos bought the Washingon Post, he is bringing a whole new level of technical focus to this paper).

Anyway for value is one of the best, and even the additional dollars for a VIP ticket were worth it for networking purposes.

Wed, Jan 8 10:43pm · Do you say “Physicians” or “Providers”? in Give & Get Advice

"very heated discussions on social media about this topic, with some very interesting (and sometimes inappropriate) analogies to explain the frustration of the term provider."

I am with you on this, and truthfully, the comments are more often than not inappropriate.

Often on physician social media websites and Twitter Streams around certain conferences, I am absolutely stunned at some of the comments physicians make about a variety of social issues. it's fine to be passionate about topics, and there is a time and place where it may be appropriate to bring out the full force of that passion, but usually a twitter stream or a post is the wrong place.

For me personally, there are 4 or 5 topics which I am extremely passionate about, and it is for this reason—because I am so emotionally invested in them— that I never tweet or post about them. Never. Ever.