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10 hours ago · Creative ideas to integrate teen patient ambassadors into social in Give & Get Advice

OK— I'll give you a wild idea.

If the two teens are creatives and pretty comfortable with video via iPhone, and if you can them some portable iPhone microphone stuff, I would give them a project where they generate sufficient video content so at your end you can piece together a short documentary regarding a timely topic ("Teenagers and Covid."). They would have to practice and demonstrate appropriate social distancing, and they could tweet about their process as they go along, but the endpoint would be a 30 minute professionally edited piece, which could potentially be submitted to competitions etc.

There could be very interesting subtopics along the way: "Teenagers and masks", "Teenagers and vaccines" "Teenagers and school", … it would also have a benefit to your org in better understanding how to approach teenagers about these issues.

5 days ago · Social Channels/Recruitment, residencies and the like in Give & Get Advice

There's also a potentially very valuable INTER-Department network effect which can be accessed. For example, ‪these accounts make it much easier to disseminate info from and to @UWVascsurg‬‪‬ with ‪@UCSFvascular‬ and @stanfordvasc‬.

(I believe these digital networks are relatively undiscovered country in healthcare social media, and have deep untapped possibilities for public health issues such as CoVid).

Mon, Jul 27 9:47am · Social Channels/Recruitment, residencies and the like in Give & Get Advice

At the University of Washington, they have a general twitter account @UWMedicine.

Many of their larger hospitals also have twitter accounts:
@harborviewmc, @seattlechildren

And some of their departments, such as UW Emergency Medicine- @UWashEM. UW Hosptial Medicine -@UW_HospMed, Vascular Surgery – @UWVascsurg and UW Virology – @UWVirology.

Although the numbers of department-level twitter accounts aren't huge, they do give a place for such things as paper publications, a place to leverage academic staff publications, and perhaps a day in the life; type stuff.

I think for a top-level university—where the quality of their incoming residents is everything—then department level counts are reasonable if you have a staff member that gets Twitter. Otherwise, I would leverage the medical school twitter account which usually encompasses graduate medical education. I would avoid department level Instagram. Note that the department level accounts are pretty good at retweeting resident content;

Thu, Jul 23 10:55am · Increase in Negative Comments/Spam on FB/IG in Give & Get Advice

One of the differences between healthcare networks and networks of people who are anti-vaccination is that the antivaccination networks are more effective at information dissemination. Although this recent "Nature" article is technical I think its worth a look (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2281-1.pdf) and certainly the conclusion is worth thinking about, especially in regards to folks Facebook strategy.

Wed, Jul 22 12:15pm · Increase in Negative Comments/Spam on FB/IG in Give & Get Advice

I would expect if and when a COVID Vaccine becomes available things will get worse.

Mon, Jul 20 11:16am · Job postings in Give & Get Advice

I’ll mention that in my experience for Physician openings, there tends to be a big disconnect between job openings on LinkedIn and those listed on the website. I suspect it’s because they often don’t have a unified reporting chain.

Fri, Jul 17 11:11am · Virtual Conference Organization? in Give & Get Advice

That’s a nice looking site. Thanks for the share!

Tue, Jul 14 11:57am · Using Content Creation as a Strategy in Give & Get Advice

My old clinic has a 2 blogs on its home, one of which was picked up by the local newspaper, and has been quite successful within that narrow topic family psychology.


Another example is the Optum Health Conversations Blog, which—since Optum is part of the largest healthcare company in the world—is a good representation of the direction of healthcare and big data/AI. (Most of Optum's posts are written by VP type folks and give more of a PR feel).


But, unlike these, I think the key to yours is that you are tapping into the broad and deep intellectual capital of your clinical folks in a very timely manner.

I am going to sit with the "newsroom" concept a bit, but I suspect a lot of healthcare orgs could benefit from your structure.