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Apr 10, 2017 · Content Calendars (for social media presentation) in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices


Here’s a little bit about how Dental Associates plans our content. (Note: our content calendar isn’t exactly where we’d like it to be, yet, but we’re making progress!)

Dental Associates has 14 full-service dental clinics in Eastern Wisconsin. Each of those clinics has an individual Facebook page. Then, we also have a primary Facebook page to represent our company as a whole. I am the main source of content, both creation and then posting on social media.

I (the Content Marketing Coordinator) work with our Marketing Manager to stay current on events happening at our individual clinics. He updates a shared calendar so I can see when new events are added and plan for content that I will share on the clinic’s respective page. Typically I will post before the event to drum up awareness, then will post after the event with photos and some follow-up information. This set-up works well because we have one designated person (Marketing Manager) in contact with our management team at each clinic, then he organizes and relays the information on to me via the calendar.

Our primary Facebook page is reserved for (but not limited to!) more general company happenings. Again, I will work with our Marketing Manager and also our department director (@erikbergstrom) to identify events and topics to add to our content calendar. We look at designated dates of national days/weeks/months in the dental industry (and healthcare industry as a whole) and schedule blog posts/designate authors for distribution on our social channels. This is the majority of our content: we look at the calendar year and plan topics that relate to that time of year. Then we also designate opportunities for content specifically relating to our company. For example, we will plan to promote the benefits of moms scheduling their kids’ dental exams during spring break/summer break/winter break, and create content revolving around that.

In short: our individual clinic FB pages’ content revolve around individual events/happenings at the clinics (which I monitor from a shared marketing department calendar). Then our primary FB page’s content is scheduled around blog content, which corresponds with time of year.

I hope this helps! Let me know if I can clarify anything.

Jan 30, 2017 · do you recognize employee deaths on social? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hi, Megan. Dental Associates is a smaller practice when compared to others (we have about 100 dentists) so we will post on the individual clinic’s Facebook page and to our website if a provider passes. Just last week we had a dentist pass, and here’s what we posted on her dentist bio page on the website:


We posted that same image on the clinic’s Facebook page.

A few years ago, one of our dentists lost his battle with cancer, and we posted about that as well. We pretty much keep these posts to dentists, though.

Hope this helps!

Jan 12, 2017 · Facebook Carousel Ads in Platforms, Software, and Tools


Dental Associates is about to launch our first Facebook carousel ad and have a question for those who have had experience with this type of ad:

Can you designate a certain link destination for each of the photos in the carousel? It doesn’t look like you can based on what I’ve seen in the ad set up, but I thought I may be missing something….

Our intent is to use three different photos in the ad: each highlighting a different dental specialty at our clinics, then link off to a specific landing page for each.

If this isn’t possible, do you have any advice for us on best practices for carousel ads?


Dec 29, 2016 · Employee engagement initiatives in Give & Get Advice

Hi, @cynthiamanley! At Dental Associates, @erikbergstrom and I use Dynamic Signal for our employee advocacy platform (which we named “Social Agents”). Right now, we invite solely employees to become “Agents.” Perhaps in the future we would consider having patients become Agents as well (we have some kinks to workout before that would happen).

Overall, this program has proved fruitful so far. We launched the program to two smaller groups during a Beta period before rolling out to all employees in late spring 2016. It was extremely beneficial to see how our first group of employees would use the platform and discover how we can help them to succeed from the start.

Having brand ambassadors in the form of our own employees is fantastic; in fact, October 2016 visits to our websites originating from Facebook were up 364% compared to October 2015. It goes to show that people rely on referrals and information from their friends/connections on social before the would rely on a source they’re not as familiar with.

I can only imagine how beneficial it would be to have patients be brand ambassadors for us as well…something exciting to consider for the future!

Let us know if you have more specific questions and we’d be happy to answer them!

Dec 29, 2016 · Sharing the Same Content to Multiple Facebook Pages in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for your insight! Do you know if Facebook’s algorithm recognizes that the content is posted multiple times on various accounts associated with the same organization? Would it dock us at all for doing this?

Has anyone found any articles covering this topic?

Dec 22, 2016 · Sharing the Same Content to Multiple Facebook Pages in Give & Get Advice

Hello, everyone!

@erikbergstrom and I are with Dental Associates – an all-specialty dental group in Wisconsin with 14 clinics on the Eastern side of the state. Here’s a little background on our current Facebook situation:

We have one primary Facebook page where we post most of our company news, blog posts, photos, and other information.

Then, we have individual Facebook pages for all 14 of our clinics. On these we share more specific photos and information about individual community happenings and team members. Generally speaking, we have a hard time gathering content to post on these clinic pages.

So, here’s our question:

Does anyone have experience with posting the same content to multiple Facebook pages? For example, we currently share our new blog posts on our primary Facebook page (and also on the clinic page where the authoring doctor practices). But we are considering sharing the same blog post on ALL 14 clinic pages, plus the primary page.

Has anyone had a similar experience with this? What are the risks or rewards of sharing the same content across all 15 pages?


Sep 21, 2016 · Facebook/Google Listing Advice for a Clinic Relocation in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for the feedback. Can you change the name of a Facebook page/Google listing? I think that would be a road bump with keeping the same listing. For example, that clinic is currently named “Dental Associates Milwaukee – South” and the new name will be “Dental Associates West Milwaukee.”

We might consider keeping the same listing, as long as we can change the name to reflect our new location.

Sep 20, 2016 · Facebook/Google Listing Advice for a Clinic Relocation in Give & Get Advice

Hello, all!

Dental Associates is getting ready to open a new clinic in November and we are planning our Facebook page/Google business page strategy. But here’s the thing: while the new clinic we’re opening will be in a new building, we’re closing an older clinic and moving the existing staff/patients from the old clinic to the new one. The new clinic will be just 2.7 miles away from the old one.

For Facebook, we were thinking we would create a new Facebook page with the new address and clinic location name, and then post an image on the old clinic’s Facebook page saying we’ve moved to a new location. We’ll leave that post pinned at the top as a means of letting people know our clinic staff has moved to the new location. (Keep in mind there are also extensive communications internally to help these patients adjust to their new clinic)

As for Google, we’re a little torn. We know we have the option to change the old clinic listing to “Business permanently closed,” but this wouldn’t be completely true. We will still be open, but the clinic will be in a new location.

Has anyone had experience with a situation like this? What would you recommend? @erikbergstrom and I would love your advice!