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Oct 16, 2019 · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

I saw this when I logged in this morning. It looks like they're doing away with the feature. 🙁

Sep 24, 2019 · Need Help with a New Product Rollout in Give & Get Advice

Hi Brendan,

I think a lot of how traffic is measured is based on the KPIs the health system has set. For example, if the hospital wants to promote a bariatric program, maybe the ultimate goal is to increase physician referrals. The KPIs and campaign would look a lot different than a goal of getting patients to sign up for a newsletter on celiac disease.

As far as the cost of a specific type of patient, I'm sure there is plenty of data within a health system, but I would think it would be specific to that hospital and not translate to another health system. I guess you could technically average the cost of a procedure across the board and then estimate the increases in revenue by traffic, but I wouldn't think this would be a very convincing sell because there are so many variables that go into the type of traffic and individual hospital expenses.

This is an interesting question!

Aug 21, 2019 · Internal Social Platforms in Platforms, Software, and Tools

We use Yammer and it has been a struggle to get people to use it. However, that is partly our fault for not publicizing it more. We have some groups on campus that have really embraced it and have positive things to say about it, such as researchers who share resources. We also have a program called OneBook, which is an annual book club that holds its discussions in a Yammer group. Those go pretty well. When departments or units request a social media presence that doesn't fit our external audiences, I encourage Yammer, but there has been some resistance from people who want a more traditional external option. They nearly always select a closed Facebook group.

My husband works in a different industry and Slack is what they use internally. There are very lively conversations on there that we don't have on Yammer. There's a thread where people share photos of their dogs and there was a thread about new food items at the state fair. We're currently working on a promotional campaign for Yammer and I've suggested we have an open group where people can talk about non-work related topics to encourage them to socialize with colleagues and get used to the idea of Yammer. I'm not sure how it will work, but I know my husband checks Slack for dog photos and work messages in his off hours.

Jun 4, 2019 · Governance committee experiences in Give & Get Advice

Hi @matthewrehrl, thanks for your feedback! We are a medical school/research facility and our hospital is a separate organization that broke off in the 90s, so we don't focus on patients like many other similar institutions. We've already completed the research and discovery process with an agency to ensure our website reaches the right audiences. We're mostly concerned with creating a governance team to help shape content in the future. We've worked closely with clinicians, researchers, professors, staff and students to make sure the content is meeting the right audiences with the right information. We just need a committee as people begin requesting changes or new content. Part of that will of course be based on analytics. I'm curious about how others have created workflows for this process, as well as any issues they've had with putting such a committee in place. I know it's a cultural change that will require a lot of adjustment as departments have previously been more in control of what they put on our website.

Jun 3, 2019 · Governance committee experiences in Give & Get Advice

We are in the midst of a website redesign where we're completely redoing every page on our site. To maintain the integrity of the site going forward, we're starting a governance committee. From the research I've done so far, I understand that this committee can help refine communications across all channels, including social media. I'm really excited to see where we are a year or more down the road with this committee. Has anyone else started one? Is there anything you recommend or wish you would have known going into the process? Do you have any advice on workflows or other documents you created for the committee? Also, what do you call this team in your organization?

May 22, 2019 · Ask Lee Aase (Almost) Anything

How do you think our roles as healthcare social media communicators will evolve in the coming years? Do you think devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Pod will be part of that evolution? What trends should we keep on our radar?

Mar 18, 2019 · Classes and Events Software in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Hi @christybelden, when you say distribute across channels, do you mean various social media platforms? We use a calendar system that is posted in various areas of our website and intranet for different audiences to find events and sign up directly.

Feb 12, 2019 · Trying to prevent high bounce rate on new(ish) mom and baby site in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hey fellow Kansas Citian!

I had some similar thoughts to @matthewrehrl. Is the bounce rate primarily mobile/tablet? The site seems fine on desktop and I like the photos, but it doesn't look the same on mobile. When I pulled it up on my iPhone, the first trimester section was large, but then the 2nd and 3rd trimester sections were easy to see all at once. The photos were not consistently sized between sections. To get to the content at the bottom you had to do a lot of scrolling on both desktop and mobile. Also, the navigation is for the Truman Medical Center website and not this website. While I understand this is a website within the main TMC website, is there a way to build in navigation specific to this section of the site? I think that could help with allowing moms to determine where they want to go and keep them on the site. I do really love your photos though. It's a beautiful site!