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Jan 14, 2019 · Social Response & Patient Experience Collaboration in Give & Get Advice

@LeeAase In the spirit of process discussions, I am also curious how Mayo supports social media engagement from a social media and/or call center perspective. Do you have your monitoring and engagement team centralized, and if so, how do you staff your team? At BayCare, we have a team of social media agents that reside in our call center and then our social media team rotates call to address issues that may be escalated in nature. Do you have an on-call team and if so who participates in the on-call rotation?

Dec 28, 2018 · Social Response & Patient Experience Collaboration in Give & Get Advice

Hi again @LeeAase This is very helpful! When possible we are providing a designated email inbox AND phone number to give the patient the option. We do try to direct the patient to direct messaging first to collect additional information before sending to our patient experience teams. Thanks again for all of your assistance and Happy New Year! -Dena

Dec 28, 2018 · Social Response & Patient Experience Collaboration in Give & Get Advice

Hi @LeeAase This is very helpful indeed. I would like to see us get to that point eventually. In your current state, do you respond to social comments with the appropriate OPE contact depending upon where the issue fell within the system? Do you have any service standards in which the OPE team should follow-up with the patient on their issue? This is all very helpful! Thank you!

Dec 26, 2018 · Social Response & Patient Experience Collaboration in Give & Get Advice

Hi @DanHinmon Thanks for sending the video – there are some great tips and I found it helpful. We are trying to build a more streamlined process with our hospital division patient experience team. While we have done a great deal of education around the real-time impact of social media and customer service we have some opportunities to build a process that everyone is comfortable with. For example, their process is to follow-up within 72 hours – as you know this is light years in social media. They have asked that we post this with our social media replies. Additionally, they do not want their phone numbers posted publically in our responses (these cannot be triaged to our call center). I am meeting with the team on best practices given we are rolling out proactive review requesting for eight of our hospitals next year. Thanks for any additional insight! -Dena

Dec 20, 2018 · Social Response & Patient Experience Collaboration in Give & Get Advice

Hello all! We are expanding our social media efforts and looking to this group to see if anyone can weigh-in on their processes around social media service recovery or direct me to any resources that may be helpful.

While our social media team responds to social media commentary 7 days per week, we are working to emphasize the importance of service recovery with our patient experience team. Here are a couple of quick questions that I am looking for feedback on:

1) Do you have a time expectation of service recovery from patient experience (i.e. 12 hours, 24 hours, etc)?
2) Do you triage all your social media issues to the appropriate patient experience contact after a response is posted on social media? Any examples of structure or process are helpful.
3) Does your patient experience team see all social media issues as they come in or do they receive a weekly/monthly report or a combination of both? One of our biggest challenges is around social comments that may be about a past experience; while there are meaningful insights from these comments the patient experience team doesn't place as much of an importance around the past experiences.
4) Any best practices or resources are extremely helpful!

Thank you,

Oct 16, 2018 · Unofficial Facebook pages and your brand in Give & Get Advice

Hello. Has anyone had recent success (in the last month or so) claiming and/or filing trademark infringement reports with Facebook for Unofficial Pages? We’ve identified unofficial location pages that link to our health system’s website and use our logo that are not authorized uses of our brand. In the past, we’ve been able to successfully claim these pages through Facebook. We’re now encountering more instances of Facebook denying requests saying these types of Pages are not intended to be the official presence of a business or organization. Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, can you share the process you’re using to manage Unofficial Facebook Pages?

Oct 5, 2018 · Healthcare Orgs on Snapchat in Give & Get Advice

We haven't implemented a Snapchat strategy; however, we have used branded filters for some of our events or sponsored events that we anticipate a high attendance. We usually get 50-100 uses of our branded filters so we consider it well worth the investment!

Feb 2, 2018 · Venturing into Instagram in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hi Lia,

Sure! This should help you get started.

It’s a little confusing as it seems as though you are creating a personal page but you are creating the page as your business and then just making it official by connecting it to your Facebook page. I hope this helps!