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Aug 10, 2018 · Negative Facebook page post about our organization - Next steps in Give & Get Advice

Yes, @annettecalteaux – in regards to the employee advocates, we call it our Ambassador program. It's fairly new, but right now our Community Outreach Manager manages the meeting attendees and agenda. The Ambassadors are a group of non-manager employees from a variety of departments; we chose to focus on non-manager/non-physician employees for two reasons; the first because this group of people hasn't traditionally had access to the high-level "hot topics" of the organization, and secondly because these positions tend to experience pain points of the community first-hand.

Right now the meetings are quarterly to not overload the schedule of the Ambassadors, but we may bump the frequency up eventually. At each meeting a subject-matter expert attends to speak to the group about new system changes or organizational hot topics (for example, last month our CEO spoke to the group about our organization's financials and this month our CNO will speak to the group about recent updates involving our nursing team).

We've had to be careful not to allow the meetings shift into a gripe-fest, instead encouraging the Ambassadors to email those concerns outside the meeting time. We feel encouraged by the meetings so far; we forget how "in the know" our PR/ Marketing team is and it's been a great way to help inform our employee-base (who make up a large population of our town) of our comings & goings.

As a side note, our Community Outreach Manager also runs a similar meeting comprised of community-advocates: Patient Family Advisory Committee (PFAC), which I know other healthcare organizations have implemented too. Just another way to help educate our community about the healthcare system, in addition to receiving valuable patient input.

Aug 2, 2018 · Negative Facebook page post about our organization - Next steps in Give & Get Advice

Hi Annette – While you are letting this current post settle, if this happens (hopefully not) again in the future, you could consider empowering your employees or community advocates to counter the meme with some of the valuable contributions your organization is making (to Matthew's point).

We've just recently taken on an initiative to recognize our community influencers within our own staff, and meet with them regularly to share programs/ services that benefit our community. That way when they are out coaching local teams, volunteering, are online, etc, they can feel empowered to speak up on the organization's behalf. We are located in a rural, mountain town so word of mouth, positive and negative, spreads and can stick; we're hopeful this group will help with that!

Apr 26, 2018 · Service Recovery: Anonymous or Transparent? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Emily! (I work at Barton Health your neighbor in Lake Tahoe!)

We also sign with our first names on every digital platform, as we feel it's important for transparency. It's a pretty small town, so we often know the people we are responding to, which can be a little awkward, but it usually ends up working out better in the long run since it personalizes the health system. I had one interaction where the reviewer asked others to call Barton and ask for me, which made me uncomfortable, but we hid the comment and nothing ever came of it.

We keep an eye on it and revisit the sentiment every now and then to confirm it's still helping and that we are on the right path.

Apr 16, 2018 · Subtitle (SRT File) Generators/Tools in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Hi Lucy – I do the same thing Audrey recommended. I find YouTube's auto-generated Subtitles to be a good start, then I go in + clean it up as needed. Once I have the YouTube subtitles as I like, I download the SRT file + use that file to upload to Facebook (just be sure to follow Facebook's specific naming convention).

Mar 23, 2018 · Have you banned a Facebook User? in Give & Get Advice

True, although this user has been commenting on all of our posts too. We've been hiding/ deleting the comments, but think banning them may be the best option moving forward.

Mar 23, 2018 · Have you banned a Facebook User? in Give & Get Advice

Yes, same here on the spam accounts! Luckily we haven't experienced too many of those either!

Mar 23, 2018 · Have you banned a Facebook User? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Stacy – thank you very much for sharing and yes, that helped a lot! (Plus, it prompted me to review/ update our posted policy too … always a good thing!)

Mar 22, 2018 · Have you banned a Facebook User? in Give & Get Advice

A guest has been very vocal in their displeasure with the care they received and has expressed their concerns/ complaints through many possible outlets (online, follow up surveys, etc.). At this time we (the organization and the guest) are at an impasse and there will be no future follow ups/ discussion.

In the meantime, she continues to post her complaints to our various digital channels, and while we can't control all platforms, we are considering banning her from our Facebook page. It's not ideal, but at this point, we have no service recovery options and we want to take back control of our branded space at least.