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Dec 12, 2018 · Doctors Going "Rogue" ... in Give & Get Advice

We created our policy, which clearly states they can have their own social profiles and we appreciate letting us know about it. They MUST state that opinions are their own. Starting in Jan, I'm giving workshops for physicians who are interested in getting started and working with them to create their profiles. I have one rogue physician and basically went to their staff meeting, with the medical director, and mentioned examples of what not to do (that I knew this physician was doing). Medical director said "None of our doctors are doing this." at which point, this physician gave his take on it and was basically told by his medical director that he is not allowed to do it. It was NOT a public shaming, I did it in a very casual, conversational way, but it worked.

Jun 8, 2018 · Downloadable Guides for Lead Generation in Give & Get Advice

We've had a lot of success with a social media lead gen campaign for our pediatrics dept. We offer a downloadable 'Growth Guide' and then capture their info, allows us to remarket to them in the future. We've been able to follow their entire life cycle to becoming actual patients.

We tried the same thing with an OBGYN campaign, focused on pregnancy guide. It generated leads but not as successful as our pedi campaign.

Jun 6, 2018 · Downloadable Guides for Lead Generation in Give & Get Advice

Oh sorry! I was wondering what others were offering to those who will give their email addresses. Thanks!

Jun 4, 2018 · Downloadable Guides for Lead Generation in Give & Get Advice

We've been fairly successful with a lead gen campaign that targeted parents for new pediatric patients, based around a downloadable growth chart. I wanted to see what others may be offering in this arena?

Mar 22, 2018

We have physician’s who get it…but those are usually the ones that take it too far, like allowing a product rep do a LIVE video with a patient without getting any releases or letting us know. How do you handle those that go a little too far?

Feb 26, 2018 · How big is your team? in Give & Get Advice

Ok, admittedly I'm curious about the #MayoClinicMinute videos I've been seeing on IG. Love them and when I bring it up, my higher ups default is "Oh they probably have way more employees doing this". So. I'm curious, who do you have on your social team?

Feb 13, 2018 · Facebook closed groups in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We are also looking into this, so I’m interested if anyone else has done it.

Jun 9, 2017 · HIPAA violation Photo tagged to a hospital location posted by visitor in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but HIPAA doesn’t apply if a visitor is sharing about another visitor. For instance, if a patient was in a shared room in a hospital and posted information about his roommate, it’s not a HIPAA violation. It only applies to employees or vendors/entities that are there in a business manner. It’s precisely why news crews have to be escorted through a healthcare setting, because they can share whatever they see.