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Sep 8, 2016 · #TBT: First International Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit

Very disappointed I can’t make it to this years in my home town, but am pleased to have nominated some colleagues to soak up the juicy Healthcare and Social Media Summit-goodness on my behalf.

Aug 14, 2016 · Facebook ads for treatment in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hey @MeganRowe,

I’m unsure if you’re in Australia or not, but I always find running any medical/healthcare ads extremly difficult as we have to abide by AHPRA advertising guidelines: https://www.ahpra.gov.au/News/2014-02-13-revised-guidelines-code-and-policy.aspx

It can become very tricky territory, especially when you are advertising a patient testimonial.

In saying that though, there are definately ways it can be done.

Dec 15, 2015 · Possible Boston Meet and Greet in Share

Hi guys,

I’m an MCSMN member from a small creative agency in Melbourne, Australia.

I find this group extremely useful, and I would love to meet some of you guys in real life for a coffee to talk all things strategy and social media in the health space.

I am heading over to Boston for about a week in mid-January, and will also be in Dallas in early Jan. Please inbox or reach out to me if you would like to catch up. I’m pretty friendly, I promise 🙂

Keep up the great sharing!

Dec 14, 2015 · Holiday Facebook Traffic Promotion in Share

It’s definitely engaging and creative, but at the end of the day, ideally you want your competitions to be able to provide some insight into your audience / product / or service. Almost use them as an extended piece of market research.

I think it’s funny, but could probably have a little more of a solid objective behind it. If this is the type of content they use to lure new-comers to the page, they need to think about using this type of content consistently moving forward.

PS All I get is ‘We hope you have a…’

Nov 30, 2015 · Top Weekly Social Media updates in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Great – look forward to seeing the list!

Nov 29, 2015 · Top Weekly Social Media updates in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Hi @DanHinmon,

Unfortunately no, I haven’t spotted anyone in the healthcare space on it yet. I have heard a little about Figure 1 that is a photo sharing app used by doctors to learn more about unusual cases. I believe it’s popular among healthcare professionals rather than opening up the patient – doctor dialogue.

Is anyone familiar with it?


Nov 26, 2015 · Top Weekly Social Media updates in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Hi guys,

I apologise in advance for the self-promotion, but I am sharing because I believe this will be a genuinely useful resource for this group.

Each week I am tasked with summarising the top 5 Social Media changes via our #PlatformFive blog, which is published on Fridays in Australia. It’s a very quick summary that can be skimmed over in 10 mins and saves a lot of time bringing you up to speed on the most current features and changes.

Researching for it exposes me to a number of updates across the social media landscape, so it makes sense to share with you all.

Take a look: http://bit.ly/P5Nov27

I’d love you guys to keep an eye out for it and tweet me (@liana_neri) with suggestions, questions, thoughts or feedback.

Thanks, and sorry again for the shameless plug.

Nov 26, 2015 · Handling a suicide threat in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Absolutely great stuff @vassarradio!

Thank-you for sharing.

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