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Mar 13, 2016 · Creative Support Structure in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hi Michael,

Really, the design and social team shouldn’t be separate – anything they create for the rest of the media platforms should be easy to save out into a PNG so you’re supporting the offline work. “Social media is most effective when it is built on top of real activity” is one of my favourite quotes. It should be a ‘digital extension’, not a whole different set of creative.

But the reality of your setup, and getting that across can be challenging, so in the meantime here’s an idea that works for us.

We have lots of non-designers – 650 researchers to be exact & 4 partners each with different brands – keeping any kind of brand in tact can be challenging when nobody else has photoshop or InDesign. Powerpoint isn’t a good tool for designing graphics as the filesize and the quality can look terrible & there’s not much layout control.

And then there was Google Drawing…. *insert harps & angel music* :p

I have made a bunch of templates for our most common graphic requirements which are TV screens around our building, and social media tiles/graphics/postcards.

I’m using a term which I picked up at the MAYO clinic here in Australia last year from Hootsuite’s Simon who called our role the ‘Digital Concierge’, and I think these tools let me serve that purpose.

Here’s an example of our LCD screen templates using Google Drawing: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3MmqZpt76yJaWEwb3RnQnJnNFE&usp=sharing

Here’s 2 examples of social media templates using Google Slides: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3MmqZpt76yJNndFYjdFU3JhTHc&usp=sharing

Slides is just like powerpoint only has more design control, multiple pages, editable sizes etc.
Drawing is like corel draw or a limited adobe illustrator, single ‘artboard’ of an editable size.

For each you can set the size by going to the File menu –> Page setup

To save as a png, pdf or many other file types go to the File menu –> Download as –> then select file type

I’ve attached a couple of PNG examples.

If your designer can help you setup some approved templates, then you should be able to follow their guidelines but manage the work yourself.

Hope that helps 🙂

Feb 9, 2016 · How do you use social media in clinical trials recruitment? in Give & Get Advice

Our PhD candidates often ask us for help getting participants for studies, which have a few less legal restrictions than clinical trials. We’re educating through this method in the hope that the researchers catch on to the results.

We publish a slide on our LCD screens around our building, and post that slide graphic to Linked In, Twitter & Facebook. We also add it to a page on our website.

We post it to our official channel to give the student credibility, then most of them like to share it themselves to ‘brag’ about their work moving up to a more professional level.

The results of these have been discussed in the labs & others now request info from us about the legalities around marketing their trials in social media. Still roadblocks, but moving forward in baby steps!

Jan 7, 2016 · Content Calendars in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Sorry for the late reply, but I thought this resource might be able to help others starting on the task for the year.

As 1 of the qualities of social content is to be ‘timely’, planning it in advance as we know takes away much of the purpose, but its hard to explain that to the budget approvers! I treat it more like a traditional marketing calendar and list all content for all general platforms, then get more specific a month ahead for each platform (print, social etc).

I balance it this way…

Step 1 – each year I replicate my general ‘theme’ calendar which has all the relevant themed months and days on it (eg world no smoking day and national breast cancer month etc). I use the previous year and update the dates. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have an intern to help.

I make it a google doc from a calendar template so I can email it around to others to help add to it.

Here’s mine so far for 2016 – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uayZrpOF_xAA_DdDWlmi1UWzUAWdgrdEKazsDwNaiig/edit?usp=sharing

If you’d like to copy this calendar to your own google account, go to file menu and ‘make a copy’. It will then save it to your drive and you can customize your own. There’s a resources tab you can use to follow links to find other national events to add to your own calendar.

Step 2 – Add sections on the side for the definite, agreed events which your organisation supports & add some rough notes. For us it is science and medical research and fundraising in australia and globally, so I know for sure I’m going to post *something* on Daffodil Day in October about cancer and I know I’m going to post *something* about Diabetes in August.
If you need to be more specific with exact content elements, add a line in the spreadsheet under each row like on my example, with small text listing all the collateral you need to create & more specific notes. I add notes at this stage of the year, and flesh out the collateral part in the months prior.

From there you can create more detailed marketing plans for each event.

Good luck!