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Apr 23, 2017 · Patient confidentiality on Facebook in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for your thorough response @hughstephens – much appreciated.

Apr 21, 2017 · Patient confidentiality on Facebook in Give & Get Advice

Thanks Dan, yes the post is from the individual’s personal account rather than on one of our Pages.

Apr 20, 2017 · Patient confidentiality on Facebook in Give & Get Advice

Hello, I am hoping to get some guidance on an issue we have experienced with an individual posting content relating to patients in one of our hospitals; stating that they are admitted to the mental health unit. This post is from someone with a significant following on Facebook and has seen a reasonable amount of engagement.

As the post states patient names we believe this is in breach of the individuals’ privacy rights. It also makes serious allegations about the operators of the hospital.

We have reported the post through the usual Facebook channels but Facebook’s review of our reports have resulted in no action and the post does not clearly contravene the Facebook Community Standards. We have followed up referencing the privacy section of Western Australia’s Public Patient Charter, which this does contravene.

Our primary concern is for the privacy of our patients in this situation so I would be keen to know if others have experienced similar situations and can suggest any other approach we can make with Facebook?



Mar 9, 2016 · how did you start your Facebook page? in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Acknowledge your points Kimberly and Megan but I think this is the most effective way of managing a corporate account – unless someone can advise otherwise. It also means less scope for posting/commenting/liking from the incorrect profile e.g. Page rather than personal profile or vice versa from my experience

Mar 8, 2016 · how did you start your Facebook page? in Platforms, Software, and Tools

A number of years ago, the chairman of the previous organisation I worked for wanted me to field queries from Facebook users via my personal account. I didn’t want to do this, largely for privacy reasons, so he came back to me with a solution; to create a second FB profile – so I had a ‘personal’ profile and a ‘professional’ profile. The latter I was registered with my company (rather than personal) email and was used to field work-related queries and therefore kept my personal FB activity (relatively) private.

Now, getting to the point with regard to pages, we insist that people authorised to run a social media account on behalf of the organisation do so with a company email address (aligned to professionally presented profile) for two reasons: 1. that we can manage the account and permissions centrally, and 2. that it is clearly part of their job – alerts and so on go to their work email and there is an audit trail for responding to queries etc. A new page would also be created by a central marketing team member/profile so we can manage permissions etc. So far this has worked quite effectively but I would be interested in other approaches.

Feb 29, 2016 · Facebook cover photo strategy in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hello from Down Under!
This is an interesting thread and we have had some discussions on this. When we look at FB Insights for our pages the number of page visits are usually only a very small compared to our post reach etc so I am thinking that it may not be too much more effective to change the cover photo than to simply post a photo which will appear in people’s timelines anyway – does anyone have any thoughts on this? We change our cover photos periodically, including around certain campaigns but currently avoiding changing it too frequently.
The other thing we are aware of is how a cover photo appears on mobile. Often we see cover photos that look good on desktop but really don’t reproduce well on mobile devices – where probably 90% plus of our audience would be seeing these photos.