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Fri, Mar 27 8:38pm · Using AI to Bring Diversity to Our Communities

I think this is wonderful. And it makes me over eager to share, but I'm not sure which hat I should put on first. I'll choose my Department Diversity Leader hat. So what does Kindra the DDL think? I think this is FANTASTIC. The work is fantastic. AND…I want to add something to ponder. Does this work bring diversity? Or has the diversity always been there, and now with this work, we're actually enabling inclusion? This is my very first Social Media Network post. First article I've ever read. So I could be wrong. Maybe this community is largely English speaking, and that's been such an impediment that there are few who even COULD engage because of the language barrier. It's truly a question to ponder, as I now put on my Human Rights hat. As the chair of the Olmsted County Human Rights Commission, I believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right. And in today's day and age, we know that even people who don't have bank accounts many times have cell phones. That means they have access to information, important health information, provided by Mayo Clinic. And so from that frame, I say THANK YOU to those doing this work to enable all human beings to be able to experience more fully their rights as human beings to information about health. And I urge you to expand on this work with great urgency, as language may sometimes be an impediment to sharing of health information – but as many of us learned in the book "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down", language can also be a beautiful way to understand something in ways we never imagined.