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Sat, Jun 27 9:33am · Social Media & COVID in Give & Get Advice

I am not a health care provider or affiliated with a hospital. I am a cancer survivor and research advocate and Twitter cancer community co-founder. I am aware of insuring there is no coercion when consenting for clinical trial participation so I appreciate your further explanation about consent in this case. Thank you for sharing. How are these videos any different than taking photos of cancer patients being treated or sharing their survivor stories during a video promoting research at a Cancer Center? Is there coercion there too?
Matthew – If the mission of a hospital is the health including mental health of the public they serve then these videos may be helpful to ease anxiety in the general public about connecting hospitalization = death from Covid. Then the question is timing of video release. I see your point about wearing masks may be more important than a successful treatment and agree.

Fri, Jun 26 8:17am · Social Media & COVID in Give & Get Advice

I am curious how you handle the discharges – I assume the family/patient gives you permission to share their discharge video. Weeks ago I read a post on Twitter from a psychologist who said to stop filming patients leaving the hospital because it just adds to the trauma the patient has endured and is only a way for the hospitals/ doctors to look like they are doing a good job. I pushed back on that and said if the patient has approved the filming why not give the community some hope. He said asking a person who has had a trauma to do this is pressuring them and they may not realize the harm they are doing themselves. As for the patient getting cheered by the nurses and docs being a promotion of the hospital he pretty much said don't they ( nurses) have more important things to do. How would you have responded. ( I tried to find the back and forth I had but since I can't remember around which date this took place I can't find it. )

Wed, May 20 1:36pm · Contact tracing apps to Combat COVID-19 in Share

Equally concerned.
EZ Pass knows your exact location and how long it took you to get from one exit to another. But at least they don't know who was in the car with you.

Thu, May 14 9:15am · CoVid19 and Vaccination in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

In NJ we have had issues having young males and females vaccinated for HPV. The state did special training for school nurses and made efforts to better educate parents as well as the PCPs and their nurses on the benefits – and risks. But there is a large segment of the population who see anecdotal evidence – a friend of a friend fainted or had issues after HPV – and all the data will not convince them it is safe.
We have a rough road ahead but some organizations are trying very hard to prevent and refute misinformation.

Tue, Apr 7 8:53am · I'm taking a break from managing this community in Share

I will miss the info you share and your comments on questions raised. Stay safe . See you soon.

Tue, Mar 31 8:17am · Finding balance between COVID-19 and normal content in Give & Get Advice

We – the #gyncsm community – have been sharing the results of research studies other then the virus but the amount of those posts have slowed significantly. Christina and I have decided to change our April chat to be an Open Mic on Covid-19. Many of our participants as well as patients and survivors on other platforms are asking questions about treatment delays, clinical trials, risk etc so we feel we need to support and provide information on those topics. We are working with the SGO Covid 19 Task Force to have their members join us. So the recommendations and info will be the most up to date – which is difficult because things seem to change hourly. The chat is April 8,2020 9pm ET.

Mon, Mar 30 1:40pm · Experience w/Community using Zoom, GoToWebinar or YouTube for Videos in Give & Get Advice

You're welcome.
I normally use WebX for meetings. This morning was the first time I used Zoom. The organization reached out with detailed instructions via e-mail for how to download and open Zoom. Plus they had a person available to do a dry run over the weekend so we were ready to go this morning.
I know that might not be possible but having a person walk another person through the steps might work. Almost all of us on the call had never used Zoom before but everyone picked up on it pretty quickly.

Sat, Mar 28 9:12am · Experience w/Community using Zoom, GoToWebinar or YouTube for Videos in Give & Get Advice

Experience in my 55+ community – If residents have to download anything they are less likely to use it. Getting to a site by clicking on a link in an e-mail is used more easily. We have a management company that will help us use zoom and but one Board member would rather just use e-mail.