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4 days ago · Social Media Policies:Posts that technically don't contain PHI in Give & Get Advice

Interesting discussion. So identifiable is the key. If the person had tweeted "person with multiple pleural-based nodules. Core biopsy. (stay tuned for more images .. but initial thoughts?" would that have more acceptable? Is there a difference between this type of Tweet and journal articles written about rare cases or small trials with 10 patients? You could probably determine who the patient is in those cases too. Thoughts?

Thu, Oct 31 8:21am · Should hospitals use Facebook Groups for online patient support? in Platforms, Software, and Tools

You make excellent points Colleen. I am a member of a few Ovarian Cancer groups not run by hospitals. I check in now and then usually in support of newcomers and to share scientific articles / info. I find there is some misinformation on these sites which need to be corrected. Long time members will take that on. I find the groups BRCA Advanced and other Hereditary Cancers Journal Club and Beyond the Pink Moon to the excellent for information and support and their moderators are good at screening etc. Christina and I ( #gyncsm community ) considered a Facebook group but with the privacy issues decided to not create one at this time. If I were a hospital I would look at other platforms, check if there is way to use it through a patient portal or work with my tech department to create the space tailored to my patient needs.

Thu, Oct 31 8:07am

They say your data isn't shared with Facebook it stays in your account. Yet it knows your age and sex from Facebook and suggests preventative services. if the location services is on it will know where you are and suggest appropriate clinics/hospitals? Interesting.

Sat, Oct 26 9:08am · Day Two - 2019 #MCSMN Annual Conference

Wish I had heard the entire Do Less . Slow down … Keynote. Great topics all around.

Thu, Oct 24 7:50am · Journal supplement on #hcsm in Give & Get Advice

I would vote for a print supplement. I just followed you on Twitter so I can be sure to catch the supplement- online or print.

Sat, Oct 12 10:11am

I wrote my blog first for an number of years. Someone told me that if I tweet about my blog posts people will go to my blog to read the post. It worked! I saw the page visits rise.

Wed, Sep 18 8:12am

I was ok with some of what was in this article but then I read"The best healthcare is advertised on social media platforms." NO the best health care for you is what you and your physician decide upon. Should you be informed yes , should you ask other's about side effects and treatments, Yes… but then talk to your health care provider to find out what is best for you.
There was no mention or caution about bad information such as anti-vaccination folks, promotions of products not based on any scientific trials etc.
Docs should not be diagnosing anyone on social media. Most reputable docs like those in our cancer community will tell a patient where to find accurate information and then tell them to reach out to their doctor for advice.

Mon, Sep 16 10:29am

Something to think about for sure. My family has the passwords for my accounts – but I need to ponder what I want to happen to them.