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Wed, Jun 24 10:49am · Facebook and Instagram Ads Boycott in Give & Get Advice

We're having internal discussion about it now, so I'll let you know what is decided!

Wed, Jun 24 10:47am · Facebook Pages for Specific Service Lines in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Does your organization have Facebook Pages for certain service lines? A director recently sent me a list of links to various competitors' Facebook Pages for their cancer centers and said "there must be a reason they all have these." I wanted to reply with, "Yeah, because their social media manager gave in to the relentless requests," but I didn't. I personally feel like it dilutes the brand and with such low organic reach these days, it makes more sense to use organic targeting options from one Page to reach your audiences for different service lines. If you have Pages for different service lines, what do you love/hate about them?

Tue, Jun 2 3:00pm · Is Your Organization Posting During #BlackOutTuesday? in Give & Get Advice

We didn't. We had this one post this morning on FB, IG, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and then had no content the rest of the day.

Wed, Apr 1 10:40am · Is your healthcare marketing department working from home? in Give & Get Advice

Hey Liza, yes, everyone at Nemours Children's Health System has been mandated to work from home unless they are essential to patient care.

Nov 19, 2019 · Multiple Social Accounts for Hospital Campuses in Give & Get Advice

Hey Jess! I'm wrangling in some Pages now and I just looked at your Page and location Pages. I noticed not every primary Page post gets shared on your locations. Do you select one post per day? How do you determine what goes out to everything and what stays on your primary Page? Do you ever publish a post to only a location?

Nov 14, 2019 · How important are Facebook ratings? in Give & Get Advice

Hey guys! If you haven’t heard, I just moved to Nemours Children’s Health System to be the social media marketing manager. I’ll remain connected to everyone here, though, and am now a member of the MCSMN External Advisory Board. I’ve inherited over 30 Facebook Pages and I’m planning to consolidate. Some will be deleted. Some will be merged into the main Nemours Page. These Pages that will be merged have ratings that will be lost once the merge occurs. The current owners place a lot of weight on those ratings and don’t want to lose them, which I understand to an extent. But honestly, as a mom, I’m not going to base where I take my child for specialty care on Facebook ratings. At Mayo Clinic, ratings are turned off. Does your Page have ratings turned on? If so, how important are they to your org?

Oct 29, 2019 · New #MCSMN Bronze Fellow: Olga Schibli

New Bronze Fellow Olga Schibli (left) with Gold Fellow Katherine Y. Brown, Ed.D.

Congratulations to Olga Schibli, research fellow and head of postgraduate programs on healthcare management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Northwestern Switzerland, on becoming a Bronze Fellow!

Olga participated in a 2017 Social Media Residency and set out to create a comprehensive social media strategy for Solothurner Spitäler AG (soH), a group of hospitals in the Canton of Solothurn (one of 26 Swiss cantons, which are broadly equivalent to states). In 2012, the hospitals were merged in one company under the title “Solothurnerspitäler AG” (soH). Olga provided free consultative services for the purposes of this research.

See Olga’s Bronze Fellow Submission.

The hospitals have several issues to overcome:

  • Low awareness of corporate identity
  • Lack of effective communication about medical services on social media
  • Outmigration of patients
  • Lack of internal communication about social media strategy
  • No organized patient community

After conducting comprehensive research, including patient surveys, Olga drafted a cohesive strategy for soH to build their social media following and increase awareness. Data collection and measurement will be complete in December 2019.

Please join us in welcoming Olga to the Bronze Fellow circle!

The #MCSMN Social Media Fellows program builds on our Social Media Residency program and provides a structured path and guidance for developing and executing social media plans for health-related purposes.