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May 23, 2019 · Social Media in the Workplace in Give & Get Advice

Thank you, @DanHinmon. Regarding social superusers (employees including physicians), we looked for people who were already our performance superstars because of their patient ratings, formal and informal leadership, quality care, stellar performance, etc. and included them in our trainings. In a short time, you take notice of the people who enjoy it and are natural brand ambassadors online. They were seen as potential superusers to involve in trying new ideas with our team.

May 23, 2019 · Facebook Donate Button in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Thank you, @katiewhitt! I'll share this and see if they can make it a more useful feature since they are receiving some donations this way.

May 15, 2019 · Social Media in the Workplace in Give & Get Advice

We opened access for the last 5+ years at my former health system and worked closely with HR. We incorporated training into new hire orientation and annual online training, and trained leadership as well. We created opportunities to use social media at work such as sharing organizational moments while attending work events (employee awards, major org. announcements) with selfie stations, hashtag signs, etc. We posted public tweets on our digital signage. Our CEO, VPs and nursing leaders were also active on social as part of our thought leadership strategy. We trained a few physicians and designated super users who participated in live FB chats, video Q&A, blogging, tweet chats, etc. These efforts built upon one another over time and created a positive environment for use of social that directly benefitted our recruitment efforts, employee engagement and brand visibility. It wasn't easy and there were early concerns, but worth the effort to push forward.

Apr 10, 2019 · Facebook Donate Button in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

@robinmillernorthbay, I serve on the board of a local science museum and they receive checks from FB's donate button. However, FB only provides an aggregate dollar amount and doesn't give the organization info about who donated. Since they can't follow up with donors or grow any lasting cultivation from a FB donate button, they've determined it isn't a feature worthwhile enough to spend time on in comparison to other fund development strategies.

Feb 20, 2019 · Crisis Communication on Social Media in Give & Get Advice

This is a great discussion @angela_k_moore! I would also be interested to hear how folks have managed their brand ambassador programs for similar initiatives. Congrats on Day 8! You're clearly already rockin' it with your thoughtful approach to process improvements.

Feb 19, 2019 · Seeking Telemedicine Innovators for ATA Panel in Give & Get Advice

@gmatthews, I have someone interested for you. Could you send along your intro email to me as well and I'll make the e-introduction? TY! Email is: stacy@kendallcomm.com

Feb 19, 2019 · Crisis Communication on Social Media in Give & Get Advice

Hi @DanHinmon, I was part of a health system that managed an assisted living facility as part of its many services. I found that communications for the residents were different from typical patient concerns and questions were hyperlocal to that facility. A FB group may be a convenient way to keep residents and their family members informed of day-to-day details and give the group a sense of belonging. My preference is always to own the platform and content, but sometimes adoption isn't realistic. A FB group for the residence may be worthwhile to try if a system can be established where there's ongoing "care and feeding" and monitoring. It could also be a great opportunity to create extended social media managers who are in touch with their local resident community and can be trained to manage those pages (with escalation to the comms team for big issues). I wouldn't recommend this for all types of health systems, but wondering if it might be a good option for a resident community serving facilities in multiple states/locations. Fun stuff!

Feb 19, 2019 · How do you handle people taking videos? in Give & Get Advice

Agree with process outlined by @audreylaine. We worked very closely to train our security teams (even offering ongoing training for new security officers or attending their quarterly meetings). We also were able to make our media policy part of the organization's annual training for all employees. We trained and worked closely with depts. likely to be asked to participate in filming (surgery teams and our children's hospital). Lastly, we used rare violations of policy as an opportunity to educate those depts. and leaders, and to build a positive relationship with film crews who were being hired. We trained local crews to contact our PR team first to prevent any delays to their production schedules. The root of a mistake was typically turnover in a dept. It's important to establish relationships with new leaders in your org. as much as you can so they know who you are and how your team can assist them in their work.