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Wed, Mar 4 4:53pm · Closed Employee Groups on Facebook in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

This is helpful. Thank you!

Wed, Mar 4 2:27pm · Need advice on creating a media plan for COVID-19 in Give & Get Advice

Reiterating some of the comments above: our process so far has been to keep messages streamlined and pointed to one main public source that is updated frequently. Our University webpage https://dps.utah.edu/coronavirus/ has local information and a hotline people can call with questions. The CDC is the primary source.

More specifically to my realm, our cancer center leadership sent an email to all employees to assure that measures are being taken and what individuals can do at work and at home. We also have this information on our internal website–with everything ultimately pointing to the one true source and we are limiting iterative messaging.

Mon, Mar 2 9:53am · Closed Employee Groups on Facebook in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

This issue has come up for my organization again recently. I'm interesting in knowing if there is any new guidance since the original conversation a few years ago. Our Heme/BMT team has a private Facebook group set up in 2014 that remains active. Our concern on the Communications & Public Affairs side is that we don't have the capacity to monitor the group and can't be certain PHI isn't discussed. I appreciate the convenience of Facebook as well as the camaraderie this active group likely encourages. We have another (less convenient, not mobile-friendly) option for collaboration through our password-protected and closed SharePoint team sites. I'd love any formal policy recommendations or ideas from others. Thanks!

Aug 29, 2019 · What do you use to send patient e-newsletters? in Platforms, Software, and Tools

At Huntsman Cancer Institute, we use a platform called CreateSendUSA http://www.createsendusa.com/. I've been told it is comparable to MailChimp. It is very easy to use–especially for inputting recipient lists. You just upload a document or spreadsheet. Related to enewsletters, I'm looking for any data on the best day and time of the week to increase open rates.