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Feb 27, 2013 · The "Right" Length for Health Videos

Interesting topic to think about, thanks for posting this Lee.

There are parallels in other online media. For instance, some of my favorite blogs are tumbler sites like Daring Fireball which are masters of the 100 word (or less posts). And others, like the Accidental Economist, regularly turn out 5,000 word essays.

Similarly, I listen to an hour long podcast on my commute to work, or a 10 minute NPR story while walking to lunch.

I guess what that leads me to believe is there is room for a ‘both and’ —both short and long form videos. And I think your insight is spot on – for the right condition, there is an audience who wants long form, in depth info. For general awareness, short form may cast a wider net.

Feb 28, 2012 · Internal Social Media Best Practices in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We’ve started a task force to implement an internal social platform (after researching and building a case for 12 months).

One of my predictions is that we can’t really know all the use cases until people start using it. I’m worried that if we try and pigeon hole a few specific uses, we’ll lose people, or worse, they’ll never come. So the trick will be in creating something flexible enough to be widely attractive among teams and individuals. We’ll need some internal “super users” as consultants too.

that’s all a long way of saying: I strongly favor an internal platform. Think Facebook for employees.

FB works because there is an extremely low barrier to production and consumption, unlike email for instance. Blogs require a lot of production, but are lower than email to consume (eg: you don’t have to reply, file it, delete, etc). Yammer, Jive, Blogtronix, Chatter, etc all try and copy FB’s interface fairly closely. The question then becomes which are the most cost effective and which have the features (mobile, groups, blogs, wikis, prefetching, etc).

Feb 28, 2012 · Billing the patient the way you would want to be billed. in Give & Get Advice

I’m glad to provide examples of what we do. I was director of revenue cycle for a few years before moving to business development… we’ve got a pretty amazing patient-centered, plane language billing process. I’ll preface by saying it’s predicated on a system that allows us to concurrently bill the patient for their portion within a few days of the procedure, rather than waiting for the insurance EOB… It makes a huge difference when we can set the tone and expectation before the payor.

I’ll get some examples of letters, de-identify them and post back here.

Feb 28, 2012 · Starting an internal executive blog in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Our is launching next week, internal and external.

We are using Disqus, with moderation enabled. There’s a tirage process to put comments into one of three action categories:
Positive – post right away
Slanderous/Derogatory – never publish, delete
Middle Ground (critical, but not rude) – Forward to executive author and their representative with suggestion action including:
post w/ no reply
post and thank them for their comment
post w/ reply
withhold (do not post)

We will allow anonymous comments through Disqus which requires, at the basic level, a name and email adress, although we aren’t enforcing validity of either. Since it’s hosted externally, employees could certainly use a fake name.

Since we are using a zero tolerance policy on derogatory posts, it is felt the risk is relatively low. Even if someone wants to use a fake name and troll, they are going to learn quickly that the comments go into a black hole, so why bother?

Good luck with your blog!

Sep 8, 2011 · Internal training videos and best practices in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Good afternoon all,
Like many, we have been inspired by Dartmouth’s social media training video:

Before we go down the (potentially fun) path of re-creating our own, our team wonders if there are
a) any tools and/or vendors to with pre-made modules, etc
b) any guidelines on best practices for SM training?

We have a solid policy, and our training will need to reflect our policy. Of course, the hope is to enable and inspire employees rather than deter SM usage.

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions

Sep 8, 2011 · Internal Social Networks in Platforms, Software, and Tools

In short, no and would love to hear about your experiences and ultimate choice.

We are in the early days of implementing an internal social site. While our vendor search wasn’t exhaustive by any means, we didn’t encounter SocialCast at all. We decided not to go with NewsGator for various reason.

Jul 20, 2011 · Google+ in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Im in whole hog. I’m posting entire blog content there in fact. I’ve found the level of engagement much higher and the signal to nose ratio lower – both, no doubt, owed to the currently constrained audience.

I can’t put my finger on it, but it has, in a scant time, become my social network of choice.

Apr 28, 2011 · Physician-centric social networks in Give & Get Advice

Good morning all,
Does anyone have experience with physician-only social spaces? I know there are some rising commercial options out there – iMedExchange, Sermo and others. What about something homegrown like this Mayo buddypress site?

I’d love to know:
a) what others are doing and thinking
b) is there value in a physician-only space
c) can it ever be truly trusted for the exchange of clinical data? (vendors suggesting yes today, for things like virtual grand rounds)