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Thu, Apr 16 4:04pm · Registering for SHSMD/Mayo Conference in Share

I just wanted to give you a heads-up that some folks may have trouble registering for the June SHSMD/Mayo conference because of a flaw in the AHA's security processes. I have a .health web and email domain (, and because AHA's web site doesn't recognize .health domains as valid, it won't allow me to access my account there. I have addressed the issue with their tech support, but wanted others to know that registration could be trickier than it really should be.

Wed, Mar 11 10:26am

It is a good reminder! One of the things I find is that I often want to get people's attention around more complex subjects that are hard to encapsulate in a sentence or two. I guess I need to get better at finding the "hooks" that will get people to click a link … as opposed to trying to explain everything in a tweet. Thanks for sharing, Dan.

Thu, Feb 6 2:57pm · I need to meet physician recruiting experts in Give & Get Advice

I've created a new analytics-driven model to optimize physician recruitment, and would like to be able to run it past some experts for advice. Would you be willing to intro me to the recruiting leaders in your organization? Presentation here:

Mon, Feb 3 8:52am · Best Conferences for Social in Healthcare in Give & Get Advice

In addition to the Mayo Clinic summit, you might want to check out … great community with live, regular calls and f2f meetings. I was a member until I became a consultant – but had to leave when I started consulting because of the strict "no vendors" rule. I think that they may even have a partner deal for MCSMN members?

Fri, Jan 31 2:53pm · Twitter Engagement Rates in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Ah, terrific! Thank you. Looks like my engagement, like yours, stays pretty close to 1% (.7% in November to 1.3% in January). I still find that I get a lot of value from posting content there, but it certainly would be nice to do better than 1%. Wonder if it is even lower for corporate entities?

Fri, Jan 31 11:38am · Twitter Engagement Rates in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

So interesting! I honestly have never paid a ton of attention to my twitter analytics, but your post made me go check them. I was surprised to see that it is no longer showing me engagement percentage stats (which it used to do on the sidebar). Are yours still showing up even now? This is what I have at the top of my screen … and that's it.

Sep 19, 2019 · Monitoring Software in Give & Get Advice

I've used Sysomos and Brandwatch for analysis & monitoring … I like them both, but I've had to build some custom tools to automate some of the analysis I do.

Sep 11, 2019 · Social Media and U.S. News Physician Reputation Scores

Thanks, @matthewrehrl! Great commentary. And you caught my thinking … it takes a lot longer to change the size or gender mix of your organization; it takes a lot less to enable and amplify online clinicians. I’d welcome any questions you might have here or via email ( And you might get some value from the full report – it gives a lot of context we just couldn’t squeeze in to the deck. It’s here: