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May 3, 2011 · Professional Boundaries in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

I oversee students who are at our site for clinical rotations. This past year we had several students request to be facebook friends with their preceptors during the rotation. Neither our department or the School of Health Sciences had a policy or position when I asked for guidance.

I personally don’t request to be friends with students and would only accept a request after a student has completed their clinical experience with me. However, without something to back my thoughts, I don’t know that I can make others do the same.

At the risk of sounding like the facebook friend police, I do wonder if the same line with patient care should be drawn with students (excluding any professional/educational pages that might be in place). It seems as if the e-Hippocratic Oath mentioned above would work well if “student” replaced “patient.”

Does anyone else have guidelines for students?

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