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Thu, Jun 25 11:44am · Facebook Page vs Group for Pediatric department in Give & Get Advice

Dustin, As Matthew pointed out there are a lot of good reasons for creating a Facebook page, but it also takes a considerable commitment to achieve value. I am one who doesn't like to say "no", but to help the individual get to "no" all on their own and to that end I have worked with a couple of organizations to develop a process for fielding these request. First, as Matthew so eloquently described, is understanding what problem they are trying to solve and how they will measure success. Next, have them draft a 90-day content plan for your review. Also, ask them to share their plan for getting patients connected to the page. Will they send an email? Post a sign in the waiting area or exam rooms? A page is only successful if you have a critical mass of users. Finally, get down on paper the expectations for managing the page — posting content a minimum of x times per week; responding to questions or posts within x hours; responding to reviews and escalation procedures; who is going to monitor the page nights and weekends; etc. I am a big fan of creating an actual agreement that outlines the objectives and success measures, what they can expect from Marketing in support of their endeavor and what is expected of them (see above). Also, create a shut down clause — if they fail to tend to the page for x days/weeks/months then Marketing will remove the page, directing followers to your main page. In my experience, when going through this process — all designed to create success — stakeholders typically opt to withdraw their request. However, if they are energized and committed you can feel confident that they will be successful.


Tue, Mar 24 8:47am · Top COVID-19 Owned Content in Give & Get Advice

Great information. Are you seeing much from children's hospitals? So much emphasis has been placed on the adult/60+ population; I'm curious what children's hospitals are doing.

Thu, Mar 12 2:12pm · HR wants to post specific info on FB targeting employees. in Give & Get Advice

With regards to showcasing your culture to help with recruiting, LinkedIn is a great platform. Many HR departments use it for job posting, but it can do so much more. One organization that I think is using LinkedIn well to showcase their employees and indirectly their culture is Sentara Healthcare. https://www.linkedin.com/company/sentara-healthcare/

Thu, Mar 12 2:06pm · Need advice on creating a media plan for COVID-19 in Give & Get Advice

The other thing I would add is to set expectations regarding updates, etc. EvergreenHealth, at the epicenter in Seattle, provides a daily update at 2pm PT that includes basic stats — number of diagnosed patients being treated at their hospitals, number of discharges, etc. Its an easy source for the media to get info without having to constantly ping the hospital's media team.

Jul 21, 2016 · Conflict between online review and patient satisfaction surveys? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

One of our clients has finally gotten their leadership and physicians to understand the value of and embrace online reviews. They are initially looking at soft strategies to encourage patient reviews including signage (e.g. you can find us on Yelp) and where they are comfortable, physicians themselves suggesting a review. Now they are getting push back from the patient satisfaction team who is concerned that if the office stimulates patients to write a review that they will be less likely to respond to the patient satisfaction survey if they are contacted.

Has anyone encountered this argument? Is anyone aware of any article or post that may have addressed this? I certainly don’t believe its an issue, but they are looking for any evidence that it won’t deter patients from completing the satisfaction survey.

Oct 19, 2015 · Legal review of content in Give & Get Advice

We have a health system client who has to have all content reviewed by legal before it can be posted — with a 7 – 10 day turnaround. There are a few exceptions for social, but required for all web content. This is particularly challenging when trying to adopt a brand journalism strategy.

Has anyone overcome legal concerns about publishing content without prior approval? Does any one have any guidelines that they may have developed for how best to work with legal and remain timely in the distribution of content?


Jul 11, 2013 · LinkedIn company pages in Platforms, Software, and Tools


Within CHP each of the seven regions have their own unique brand identities. As a result, someone looking to learn more about Community Mercy Health Partners in Springfield, Mercy in Toledo or Humility of Mary Health Partners in Youngstown may not connect them with CHP. In your case, if or when CHP makes a move to a common brand identity, then a single business page may make sense. For now, I think one for CHP and one for each of the regions makes the most sense. This is the same model I see Ascension following, where regional systems have their own unique identities and therefore, have their own unique business pages.

I personally think LinkedIn is one of the more important social platforms, but unfortunately is often overlooked and/or under-leveraged by Marketing & Communications. Glad to hear you’re thinking about it! If you want to discuss it further let me know.


Jun 24, 2013 · Collapsing Facebook hospital pages into corporate? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Margaret — I’m a little behind on these updates. Don’t know if you have your solution yet. One of our clients, Borgess Health, did just the opposite. They consolidated their corporate page into their flagship hospital page — Borgess Medical Center, keeping all their fans. They had created both pages originally without clear distinction in strategy between the two and decided it would be easier to start over with Borgess Health at a later date. It’s a good size system, just not a lot of hospitals (large ambulatory footprint) so people know them by the Medical Center. Adam Kruse is their web and social media manager and I’m sure would be happy to talk with you. You may have met him in November at the CMO Project meeting. He’s at AdamKruse@Borgess.com.

We’ve worked with them on content strategy for social and they’ve been going gang busters lately — good engagement and tremendous growth in reach and likes.