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Thu, Jun 11 9:01am · What is the best way to get started podcasting? in Give & Get Advice

Glad we were able to help! As you know, we continue to create healthcare focused podcasts (you can find them at – some shows on our network are form health systems and providers we helped launch. As you start to explore your own approach to podcasting, let me know if I could help provide any consultative help.

Tue, Mar 3 3:13pm · Need advice on creating a media plan for COVID-19 in Give & Get Advice

Jeff gave some great advice. The only thing I would add is how you are managing the communication through your digital properties. Here's what I would do:

First: most importantly, create a brief update on your newsroom/blog, etc. Since communications related to virus might evolve, it's importnat to establish a single source of content that can be updated regularly (a good resource for media as well as the general public).

As the inquiries begin to rise, you can link to that page from your website, social media, etc., establishing it as the credible source of updated information about coronavirus and your health system. If someone contacts you, you can direct them to the update page and also indicate that’s where you will be updating relevant information as it evolves (this should be aligned, BTW, with your crisis communications plans). FYI – you can also link to your local government's information pages, as well as CDC and WHO.

Not sure if that helps, or is any insightful news. I've found developing a single-source of truth for any evolving health crisis evolves becomes much easier – well in advance for it rising to a panic.

Fri, Jan 3 2:21pm · Customer Experience - Interviews/Panels - Best Practices in Give & Get Advice

Angi – there are a lot of great articles and blog posts on this topic available. One company in particular in the Twin Cities that I have been talking with is Azul Seven. Take a look at their blog posts (this one in particular): – might be helpful!

Oct 8, 2019 · Social Media Calendar Platform in Give & Get Advice

Our communication team uses Divvy to manage their entire editorial calendar (social media, internal communications, blog posts, press announcements, etc.). It's actually a robust system that also has workflow, and the ability to share information. However, it does not directly integrate directly into social. We are investigating using Salesforce Social Studio to help with this in the future.

Aug 23, 2019 · We started a podcast, feedback welcome in Share

One other thing you might consider is using Audiograms as part of your promotion. This is something that we have been tinkering with as a future state potential for our podcast network. MPR does a great job promoting them on Twitter (see: Also, here is a fun tool to test them out for free:

Jul 25, 2019

Thanks for sharing this, Audrey. Reed and I did an entire podcast episode on the effectiveness of email marketing if anyone wants a deeper dive in this:

Jul 15, 2019 · SocialChorus, Dynamic Signal, Yammer, Poppulo? in Give & Get Advice

Does Microsoft Teams counts as an internal collaboration solution?

Jun 27, 2019 · Putting Customers at the Center of your Digital Strategy

Probably unintentional. Partners (in all aspects) are also a customer group.

Whew – everyone is very sensitive to semantics, it seems! I think @reedsmith and I will need to do a podcast about this! 😉