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4 days ago · Monitoring Software in Give & Get Advice

Awario is basic yet covers a lot for alerts, sentiment and alert comparisons. We've used Radian6, Salesforce ( Social Studio) , Sprout in the past, waiting for the unicorn on this one.

Mon, Aug 5 11:43am · SEO Metrics & Measurement in Give & Get Advice

Measuring traffic to pages you've optimized for SEO would be a good place to start. Overall traffic to optimized pages and content can be measured monthly or daily depending on what the needs are.

Mon, Jul 22 10:32am · Twitter Best Practices For Leaders in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hi all, Happy Monday – is there documentation or white paper on best practices for Twitter use for leaders/ executives? Thank you.

Mon, Jul 15 9:48am · Facebook Closed Groups? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

This is great information Reed and Dan, appreciate it. I'll share with my team and come back to chat with you with more thoughts.

Thu, Jul 11 4:06pm · Facebook Closed Groups? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

HI All, Is anyone hosting a closed Facebook group for patients? If so, what is your process, moderation protocals, liabilities, rules etc?

Thu, Jul 11 10:08am · Responding to Reviews on Social Media- HIPAA in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Mayo and Cleveland Clinic deactivating reviews is fascinating. does anyone have documentation or articles on this?

Wed, Jun 5 1:23pm · patient responses and follow-up process in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

HI All, was there a more updated thread on responding to Facebook posts/comments and triaging to Patient Experience?

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