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Tue, Oct 8 9:44am · Disclaimers on Videos? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Matt, go figure. I think there is no way to cover all bases but it seems prudent to at least prep people to watch but not unquestioningly "do" or apply what they see!

Tue, Oct 8 9:42am · Disclaimers on Videos? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Lyn,
That is super. That is what we were thinking of. Interestingly, I ran this same question by a group of other hospital folks in our state and one person suggested that putting the disclaimer up actually makes people think it is less reputable information. Not sure that I totally agree with that. And he suggested that the disclaimer might not be as effective legally as we might think. This is all giving me good things to ponder.

Tue, Oct 8 9:39am · Disclaimers on Videos? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Matt,
Yes, we did have medical experts create it and write the script as well as being the presenters of the information so we are feeling quite solid on that end. But I do appreciate the caveat of being sure that is the case. Greatly appreciate the thoughts and feedback on this issue.

Wed, Oct 2 11:59am · Disclaimers on Videos? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the response! We are an LTACH and have a vent weaning program with two tracks – we can wean you or if that doesn't work we work with the family to potentially take the patient home on a vent which is a huge decision. The videos are part of the educational process. I don't think that we would use these on FB, etc., but will be using them on YouTube and our website. They will also be on our reps ipads when they meet with the family in the ICU. We created them as part o our educational program – for the very reason you noted. This is a challenging and emotionally charged issue and we find that families don't retain information well, sometimes no matter how often we share it with them verbally. Our goal was to have these available for them to access repeatedly as needed for additional information and to offer another learning venue.

Wed, Oct 2 10:59am · Disclaimers on Videos? in Give & Get Advice

We are doing three educational videos about our vent weaning program to inform familes about the process. Does anyone add disclaimers to their videos about only being for educational purposes and not medical advice – this will be on YouTube, our website, FB, etc. In looking around I'm not seeing other hospitals so this but am wondering about best practices. I am find that compliance, risk management and possible legal advice to be quite variable on this topic. And I've head that putting up a disclaimer can actually make it feel less reliable to people watching the video? All thoughts are welcome!

May 21, 2018 · Social Media: The New Call Center

Excellent thank you so much

May 21, 2018 · Social Media: The New Call Center

Hi, not a premium member but did purchase the webinar hoping to be able to watch it later. At a conference during the webinar and was hoping there would be a link?