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Thu, May 28 6:11am · Social Media and Covid19 in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Yes well said Neilanjan, I totally agree with your methods.

Sourodip Biswas

Thu, May 28 4:12am · Instagram posts suddenly posting to Facebook in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Was this issue while posting IG stories or IG posts?

Thu, May 21 10:40pm · Contact tracing apps to Combat COVID-19 in Share

There has to be a balanced trade-off between privacy and the health risk of the community. In my opinion, more weight should be given to the health concerns of the community

Tue, May 19 1:37am · Contact tracing apps to Combat COVID-19 in Share

Our world is in a vulnerable situation caused by the pandemic of COVID-19. It began as a health crisis and now become an economic crisis. To lift up lockdown and re-open the economy, governments of many nations are turning their eyes towards the tech industries for solutions like contact tracing apps and give people a sense of social and health security.

A contact tracing app enhances the countries' control and containment strategies. What are your ideas? What research should be done and what functionalities would you like to see in such apps?

Tue, May 19 1:36am · CoVid19 and Vaccination in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Yes totally agree, scientific expertise should be consulted always. Thanks for the article, Matthew.