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Sat, May 23 8:12am · SoMe CV Resume - Tools to Pool Analytics in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Manually updating SoMe engagement metrics of one's own articles, etc is time intensive. Are there any services to help aggregate and pull into one's own CV on a regular basis over time?

Sat, May 23 8:08am · Social Media and Covid19 in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

I can venture an answer but I am not sure it is what you mean by 'authenticity' ; I believe that any SoMe post that cites evidence or guideline should cite references. I typically include in the text of an image based post or tweet. If video, I either explicitly cite the reference aloud or place at the end of accompanying text. I rarely have time to include the reference as an overlay in a video but one could do that too.

If authencity you may mean the genuineness by which one addresses the conversation, I believe that your sincerity will shine through in the way you convey the message, being transparent in your credentials to provide commentary and addressing the 'counterpoint or argument' against your recommendation, stance or issue if it exists to provide balance. These elements enhance trustworthiness.

Anyways, I hope I answered your question but if not please kindly let me know. Thank You !