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Fri, Mar 6 8:28am · HR wants to post specific info on FB targeting employees. in Give & Get Advice

I would try to keep employee only messaging off Facebook – it could confuse the audience and make followers less engaged/unfollow the page. Posts promoting the company culture, employee event recaps, etc. are one thing but as you said, a public facing account is not the right place for employee only announcements.

At our network, we have a specific "Employees Only" webpage that houses all announcements, quick links to commonly used information & logins, HR information, etc. It is only accessible while you are in the hospital wi-fi network/on a campus. Would something like that be an option if you don't have one already?

My other thought would be network wide email blasts or a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly email created as an 'employee newsletter' with important updates – this would ensure ALL employees are receiving the messaging & HR can check open rates. This would work better than social media because you wouldn't be able to track how many employees specifically see the message. Hope this helps!

Fri, Mar 6 7:41am

Thank you for sharing! I am currently putting together different guides so that we may update our comprehensive Social Media Policy – this will make a great addition!

Thu, Feb 20 2:54pm · Sub Social Pages - Offices/Doctors within the Network in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We currently use Sprout. I will have to look into Sprinklr. All our physicians are employed within our network. I like the idea of making them pay to be set up within the system so we can see all of their postings – I'd have to check if that is an option through Sprout but I don't think so. Do they only have access to their own page to set up posts? I am *supposed* to have admin access on all Facebook pages – but every once in a while one will pop up that we knew nothing about! I really do have quite a challenge. I've been here about 5 months now so it is a real struggle between putting systematic strategy in place and also doing a bit of social house keeping 🙂

Thu, Feb 20 12:24pm · Sub Social Pages - Offices/Doctors within the Network in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Currently our communications team works with physicians to get with our local news stations as well as create press releases on timely info – for example an infectious disease expert recently went on-air to speak about Coronavirus. We also ask all of our physicians, practices, and services lines to work directly with their marketing directors to submit requests for anything they'd like to share on our main pages since we have a strong following – however it just seems more and more they would like to just do things on their own!

Thu, Feb 20 12:22pm · Sub Social Pages - Offices/Doctors within the Network in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Great point! I've actually been thinking about this on an HR level as they are pushing more and more for social to support recruitment – not only physicians, but nurses as well in our area need a boost! I like the dedicated Twitter account idea. Thank you!

Thu, Feb 20 12:21pm · Sub Social Pages - Offices/Doctors within the Network in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Thanks so much! Yes exactly – we can't stop them or manage them all. I agree that Twitter is the best platform & will definitely take a look at the attachment; unfortunately it seems more and more are wanting their own IG & FB. Our compliance team also has some strict rules about the info they share as it related to the opinion of our network, so there is a bit of a slippery slope I need to help navigate. It has just become an ongoing struggle!

Wed, Feb 19 1:43pm · Sub Social Pages - Offices/Doctors within the Network in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Does your network allow individual doctors and practices to create their own Facebook pages? I keep running into a few issues in my organization:
– Practices & individuals create their own pages without approval from marketing (which is the policy). If they receive permission, they have to follow specific brand guidelines. Our opinion is that if they have something important to share, they are more than welcome to submit a request through their marketing director and we will post to our main brand social pages that have a strong following.
– They still want their own page, so we go over the policy with them and they start posting. However based on the content they post, they are just posting anything and everything they want. No real messaging, sub-par imagery or graphics/content taken straight from pinterest or google.
– When I audit their channel and come back with suggestions for improvement, they say they don't have time for all these rules.
– I am a 1 person social media department and do not have the capacity to manage or continuously check-in on the various pages that are being created.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Our network is pretty big – 11 hospitals, with many, many different practices, offices, specialties, and doctors who seem to all want to be "instafamous" 🙂

Wed, Jan 15 1:12pm · Monitoring Comments on Social in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Great insight – I'll make sure to note that as well. Thanks!