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Tue, Jun 16 8:14am · Social Channels/Recruitment, residencies and the like in Give & Get Advice

There's been a growing call within our institution for some sort of social presence for various departments, particularly with content geared toward resident/fellow/faculty recruitment. Prior to my arrival here, the answer was always a hard no.

But with COVID affecting the recruiting process, the calls have grown louder and we've been told to make it happen.

So, I’ve been tasked with making sure we do it right.

Again, it doesn’t seem like they think their audiences are patients – but rather docs, med students, current residents/fellows, etc. I’m not expecting OBGYN to be marketing their services, for example, but favorably positioning their program to prospective hires, residents, fellows and the like. This is material that likely wouldn't fit on our system-wide accounts — not all of it, at least.

I was curious how other institutions are handling these requests. I know several institutions – Mayo included — have Twitter accounts for various residency programs (Internal Medicine, Ortho, Emergency Medicine, etc.).

If your institution allows such profiles, what sort of parameters do you have in
place? Who is doing the posting? What platforms are you using? Naturally, many of them feel they should have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I don’t think they have the capacity to develop content for all of those.

Any guidance or lessons learned would be helpful.

Thank you.

Fri, Jun 5 9:47am · Twitter/COVID-19 Verification in Give & Get Advice

Good morning. As we know, Twitter formally suspended its verification program. Over the last few months, though, Twitter announced it has prioritized blue-check verifications to confirm experts on COVID-19; they seem to be taking guidance from global health authorities about who to verify.

I’ve noticed quite a few organizations/individuals in our community acquire a check during this timeframe. There’s no easy way to proactively request verification, so I was curious whether anyone has been able to successfully get verified during this timeframe.

Thu, Apr 2 7:05am · Twitter accessibility/Video subtitles in Give & Get Advice

Must have been an issue on Twitter's end because the tab suddenly appeared last night. Sorry to clog the board 🙂

Be well. Wash your hands.

Wed, Apr 1 9:51am · Twitter accessibility/Video subtitles in Give & Get Advice

Hi, everyone.

I’m trying to improve the accessibility of our Twitter account (@metrohealthCLE … follow us! We're fun), particularly when it comes to video captions/subtitles. Does anyone know why I don’t have the subtitles tab in the Twitter Media Studio? That is where I would like to upload an .SRT file. I’ve attached a screenshot of my account (video of us making hand sanitizer) and a screenshot of someone else’s account (as portrayed in a YouTube how-to video that failed to help me).

Hope you’re all doing well during these trying times! Be well.

Oct 17, 2019 · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

Oh boy. Sounds fun. Thank you all for your help. Glad I'm not going crazy.

Oct 16, 2019 · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

Looks like they removed that option!

Oct 15, 2019 · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

It’s so weird. I verified a page for an organization — a much smaller one — in the same area. Other hospitals have it. Baffles me.

Oct 15, 2019 · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

Good afternoon! I’m new here, but I manage social for The MetroHealth System in Cleveland, Ohio. Hope you guys might be able to help. When I arrived a few weeks ago, our social platforms were a mess – nothing had been maintained. So, I’ve been doing quite a bit of clean-up. One of my first tasks was simple: get verified as a local business. Yep, all I want is that gray little checkmark. Alas, the button to click to request verification isn’t even available in my settings where it normally is. See the screenshot attached.

I’ve done some Googling, and other suggested solutions don’t seem to be working (changing the page category, for example).

I had no problem getting verified at the last organization I was at – a nonprofit health agency. So, not sure why I don’t have the option here.

Any ideas?