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Wed, Oct 2 11:53am · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Thanks Lauryn, this is very helpful! In terms of best practices, I meant both creating content and posting on each platform and, at a larger level, for a non-profit healthcare organization's presence on social overall. So your input was very helpful and much appreciated!

Wed, Sep 18 7:43am · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Hi everyone,
I'm brand new to this discussion forum but have found this thread to be very informative. Our communications department supports a taxing district's health care system in FL. We currently have basic social media accounts set up through our comms department (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a couple of others). We are now looking to establish "best practices" regarding social media for non-profit health care entities like ours. I was wondering if anyone had worked with social media consultants or consulting firms in the past to (1) establish "best practices" for your organization and/or (2) help move social media platforms from basic to more engaging and patient-focused/friendly? If so, any recommendations on consultants or consulting firms you've worked with in the past would be much appreciated!

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