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Mon, Jun 15 12:10pm · Live video surgery in Give & Get Advice

Alright. Thank you for the advise. Will try something like that.


Mon, Jun 15 10:06am · Live video surgery in Give & Get Advice

Thank you for replying.

The main purpose was to increase interaction and to show the benefits of the minimally invasive surgery, since we are promoting our hybrid operating room.

Fri, Jun 12 10:41am · Live video surgery in Give & Get Advice

I want to post a pre-recorded live surgery, on our Facebook page. It's a minimally invasive cardiac surgery to showcase the benefits of this procedure.

Some of the images are explicit and what some may consider as gory. I'm not sure wether to blur those images or show them as they are. Any suggestions?

P.S. We did already broadcast this video to a live conference. It was done in our hospital, by our doctors and with the patient's permission.