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Tue, Aug 27 3:59pm · Let's know each other better in Share

Greetings! I'm a recent new member of the group. I'm the social media coordinator for Navicent Health, handling messaging and curation of social media content for the entire healthcare system. Before coming here about two years ago, I handled social media within the motorsports marketing side of things and have a traditional journalism background. Looking forward to continuing to gain more insight from the group!

Thu, Aug 15 7:59am · Re-Sharing Internal Employees Posts in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

The biggest key is obviously HIPAA / PHI and also if another consent is required from an employee name/photo to be used. To maybe make the content more robust, we at times will have employee convey info from their post and we will repurpose/tweak it.

Mon, Aug 12 2:27pm · How to engage staff through social media? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We roll it wide open for our internal social network. It's a great way to encourage engagement on another platform, plus a good means to get info out for those who 'don't do Facebook,' per se.

Mon, Aug 12 8:04am · How to engage staff through social media? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Any private group in our organization comes with a provision that someone from Corporate Communications must be an admin – it's there for both emergency situations and if we need to step in and police anything as well.

Sat, Aug 10 2:15pm · How to engage staff through social media? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We have a separate internal social network that’s leveraged for internal communications. For public social channels, staff showing up in postings and being noted by their network is huge for engagement.

Sat, Aug 10 2:12pm · Social media team structure in Share

For the most part, our social is managed in house with other internal help assisting with curating content. At the end of the day, the social media coordinator sets the strategy coordinating with the PR side to keep messaging on brand

Sat, Aug 10 2:09pm · Social Media team sizes vs org size in Give & Get Advice

We have a setup of a social manager handling the bulk, with support ad-Hoc from the graphics and video side as needed.

Tue, Aug 6 7:57am · Instagram Landing Page in Give & Get Advice

We still use the link in profile/link in bio and also use the hashtag when mentioning to try and perhaps get bit more traffic from the hashtag usage.