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Tue, Mar 3 11:15am · How do you celebrate Doctors' Day? in Give & Get Advice

Tell stories about doctors from your Institution. Many doctors have a really inspiring story and this is the best way to create emphaty. People love to see people.

Sat, Feb 29 6:03am · Using hospital logo for physicians on social media accounts in Give & Get Advice

If you thinking about employer branding, it could be a good branding strategy. I am a LinkedIn Specialist and we advice companies to create a template for employees pictures. Thereby, users can recognise every people who works in this company.

But, its necessary to capacitate the employees to create good content and to use social media to boost their career. We created a training for this.

The result has been really good and our brand awareness has risen more than 40%,

Sat, Feb 29 5:51am · FB/Insta ads promoting blog email signup in Give & Get Advice

A cookbook could be a good ideia but it is really important if you can understand your funnel. An ebook could be the top of your funnel and get many subscribers, but we used others ways too.

1 – We changed our blog template and we add "call to actions"for the subscription.
2 – We tried many different text and imagem and analysed what had the best performance
3 – E-mail is not the best channel to release our blog content. We create communities on WhatsApp and Telegram and our CTR in this platform are very good.
4 – We create weekly webinars and it helped us to get more e-mail contact too. Its easier to create and its have the same effect of the ebook.

Sat, Feb 29 5:42am · patient responses and follow-up process in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

In Brazil, when we have some problems in Social Media Comments, we ask them their contacts (e-mail and phone) and our team get in touch with them. This is the best way to become more "Human"the relationship.

Many times, by telephone, people, we could solve the problems really fast. Some patients only want to get you attention and a call is a good way to give them this attention.

Sat, Feb 29 5:30am · Social Media Champion Training Resources in Give & Get Advice

This is really good! Thanks a lot. It will help me even in Brazil.

Nov 29, 2019 · LinkedIn - Invite Connections to Follow in Give & Get Advice

Its a beta test. Its not available for every profiles.

Aug 26, 2019

Good content!

Aug 22, 2019

I'd like to see a comparison with Instagram Live too.