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1 day ago · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

Have you tried reaching out to your area's chamber of commerce and ask as they work heavily with business locally. Cleveland is a big city so that could be different. If you search for businesses in your area, maybe see if any of them have a checkmark and reach out. Businesses are always willing to help one another out. Good luck!

3 days ago · Conferences? in Give & Get Advice

Oh wow that is great! Must be a fun experience to be a part of SXSW. I think that would be a great experience for sure especially with also going to non-healthcare talks. I've definitely considered going for a few years, but might have to look at it for next year. Thank you.

3 days ago · Conferences? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Reed,
What has been your experience with SXSW? I saw they have the healthcare section and was interested in what that was like.

3 days ago · Tips: using Tik Tok video editing tools for Instagram Stories in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Eileen, that is really interesting! I've been using Tik Tok for about two months or so and never thought about how great of an idea that is.

For those wondering, Tik Tok is a lot like Vine, but with better features. It allows users to create videos with special effects, music, shared audio and even a photo collage editor. I believe it actually allows more than 15-second videos as I've seen ones that are a full minute.

Tue, Oct 8 9:50am · Disclaimers on Videos? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Katherine,
That is interesting. With my interpretation, it is just a legal disclaimer to make sure you aren't liable for anything that could come out of it. I would say most reasonable people should see it as a normal act for an organization. Those who don't, might not see that at all no matter the organization or platform.

Tue, Oct 8 8:00am · Social Media Calendar Platform in Give & Get Advice

I am not sure how to do that since its a closed network google drive, but I bet looking for online templates would possibly get you what you need.

Mon, Oct 7 8:38am · Disclaimers on Videos? in Give & Get Advice

Hi Katherine. I follow several types of healthcare social media channels whether its a clinic themselves or a doctor (social media influencer as well). I know a disclaimer within the actual description box is used in many cases for those kinds of videos. If you do that, you can always add a small comment in the corner of a video with "disclaimer: For education purposes only. Go to the description box for more information."

That is just an avenue I've seen used a lot from different healthcare and non-healthcare outlets on Youtube.

Mon, Oct 7 8:34am · Social Media Calendar Platform in Give & Get Advice

Hi Charlotte!
We use a series of platforms to do so. For Facebook we use Facebook Business. For Twitter we use Tweetdeck (which is probably my favorite) and HootSuite for all around social media and Instagram.

We do have a separate Content calendar as it is mostly three people using it to collaborate. We made a very helpful Google Sheet that allows us to have a format, decide what to "plug and play" our pieces into, and what we plan to look at for each month content wise.